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Satisfy Your Chaat Cravings with Healthier Variations during this Pandemic

As Indians, our love for food is eternal and when it comes to street food and snacks, the love gets multiplied. Standing by the street-food counters serving hot, spicy, “masaledar”, finger-licking chaat seems to be a thing of the past. But what is noticeable is that we have managed to survive this phase by finding homemade tasty food and other healthier versions of our loved foods and thereby satisfying our cravings and urges.

healthy Chaat wedding season


Serve your guests with amazing healthy variations of Chaat this wedding season

What is interesting to see is that during this lockdown phase, the most popular of all street food across India, Chaat, has got a completely new meaning and has further grown in its popularity. With people becoming more and more conscious about sanitization and hygiene issues, chaat and the chaat counters have evolved. A visit to your favorite chaat outlet will help you understand how much attention is paid to cleanliness and serving hygiene along with the freshness of ingredients to keep up with the time.


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Use of better ingredients and refined cooking

This is how the restaurants and caterers are coming up with better variations of chaat. They have now substituted healthier ingredients for unhealthier ingredients and with little changes, your guests will be able to eat the much healthier and tastier versions of chaat. After all, who would say no to meethi chutney when it has figs in it and mewa laced Aloo Tikki?

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Similarly, from medium eateries to popular restaurants, all are seen focussing on introducing newer and fulfilling chaat menu to make sure the guests love all the variations and flavors. Also what is noteworthy here, is that in all this, the concentration is on making this simple street food not only taste-wise better and different but also to make it healthy and sumptuous. This makeover of the chaat is a contribution of both the ones preparing them and the ones devouring them.

With little experimentations and the introduction of healthier options, this tempting savory has survived this tough time and has become more popular.  The known tangy and spicy flavor might be a miss but the other equally appealing variations are sure to win over hearts.

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