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Preparing an inclusive gluten-free wedding catering

Your wedding is a moment where you want all your attendees to be able to enjoy themselves and not have a care in the world. The wedding catering menu has to be inclusive of all your guest's needs.

With many people now being more mindful of dietary allergens, your catering menu must reflect the same. Some key allergies to be mindful are of nuts, lactose, and celiac or gluten. These allergies can range from mild irritants to extreme hospitalization cases. Being considerate of the dietary restrictions of your attending friends and family is a gesture to say that you care about them.

Going gluten-free for your wedding catering doesn't have to be a hard ask. With a little mindfulness and a little attention to the prep as well as the service, you can have an amazing gluten-free wedding catering menu! We hope our tips to create a gluten-free menu will help you in going about this task.

Vigilance in the catering kitchen

A lot of caterers focus on gluten-free ingredients when they are asked to prepare for a gluten-free menu. While this is necessary, the separation of the utensils and tools in the prep kitchen is equally important. All staff, those involved in the cooking as well as the service must be well versed in the severity of this intolerance and are actively mindful to follow the best practices. 

Having separate prep areas, an orderly kitchen, an elaborate plan of action and a well-trained professional staff are the minimum requirements to pull off such a menu. So discuss with your caterer and be sure to make this a key requirement and that their staff understands the severity and importance of this task.

Plan ahead with your wedding invites

Another act of consideration and active vigilance you can undertake to plan your gluten-free wedding catering is to get your guest's preferences from the start. In your invites for the wedding, be sure to include a checkbox for the rsvp for any form of allergies that you can think of. Be sure to cover the main intolerances, gluten, lactose, and nuts. This will help you and your caterer to plan accordingly by getting an accurate headcount of the guests with allergies. This will help plan the ingredient list, as well as the prep time and quantity needed to serve those special guests.

Design your menu to work for any palette

The key area where you will actually make the most important decisions is when you design your catering menu. If you want your guests to enjoy every bite of food without being worried about an allergic reaction, then we urge you to spend the most time here. Rather than using substitutes for bread, pasta, and noodles and possibly compromising on taste and well as quality, you can always opt for locally sourced natural gluten-free alternatives in the form of veggies. Creating noodles out of vegetables, infusing pasta with fresh ingredients, and focusing more on rice than other forms of bread, will help fill out your menu and also satisfy your guests.

Having appetizers with paneer, meat, or veggie-forward components will help your guests experience deliciousness and enable them to enjoy their time carefreely. Another key area to be thoughtful of is to have cleared marked food stations for the specific diets for your mains buffet. Having clearly marked and your service staff well versed in what food item is gluten-free and what isn’t will make it easier for your guests to enjoy themselves.

Planning for a gluten-free wedding menu isn't necessarily a difficult task. It only takes being mindful and careful of a few key areas, being vigilant during the actual functions, and having a clear line of communication with your caterer about your strict dietary requirements.

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