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Plan the most amazing functions with our top outdoor catering tips!

You have an important function coming up and you want to do something different than the stuffy banquet hall. Well, it is a good idea to move your function to the elements with the appropriate outdoor venue. A mix of nature and the grandeur of the decoration could be precisely what you are looking for. An outdoor function brings with it a fair number of challenges, and one of the major ones is catering for such an event.

Both in the preparation of the spread and also the actual arrangement of the grub, outdoor catering in Delhi can be a challenge for the inexperienced. It is difficult to manage and keep in mind all the key parts that need to work together to make the event successful. We hope that our list of top outdoor catering tips can work as a reminder to keep certain things in mind when you plan your next outdoor function.


Plan for the elements

A basic for planning any outdoor celebration is to take into consideration the weather. As fickle as the weather can be, you should plan for any contingency. Be aware of the season you are in and make regular checks of the local weather in the days leading up to your event. Your guests are less likely to enjoy your delicious feast if they are getting drenched or sweating up a storm.

But a simple solution for this is to get good quality canopies and tents to cover up both your prep area and your dining area. A high-quality tent should protect your guests from any abrupt showers and even some out-of-place summer sunshine.


Get a better lay of the land

Like most things the positioning of your event is key. It is critical to get a better understanding of your venue and visualize where your different stations are going to live. Everything from the hostess table, to the bar, to the serving line; it is imperative that you critically think about the location of these key elements and remember to shelter them from the elements.


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Keep the menu seasonal

Another great way to indulge your guests' taste buds is to go seasonal with the menu. Your guests will obviously appreciate a menu that makes use of seasonal produce and that adds some cohesion to the overall party. You wouldn't want your guests sweating from hot soups and ramen in the summer, so planning seasonally will make your menu a right match for the prevailing weather. You will also be able to enjoy nature's fresh and high-quality seasonal produce to bang out the best dishes that your guests will drool over.


Get the right tools for the job

By now you have scouted the location and know where to position what station. But another key element to keep in mind is to bring the right equipment to the venue. You may possibly have the best equipment, but you will need equipment that can tackle the elements and be reliable. Be sure to bring lightweight and portable equipment and place them away from the service area and out of sight from the guests. 

Be sure to have a proper channel for your service staff, to and fro, from the prep area, so that you can avoid any accidents. 


Be sure to bring the power

Another key element that will be critical to your outdoor catering event is the supply of power. You wouldn’t want your guests and staff to be left out in the dark if the weather causes a sudden power outage. A simple solution to this is to bring sufficient backup power generators, with the fuel of your choosing and adhere to your local laws. Your outdoor catering event will surely need sufficient lighting and you would want to properly sort that out with the venue managers beforehand. Have seamless cable and power management and your event will be amazing even if you have to go off the grid for a little while.

Organizing an outdoor catering event in Delhi can be quite the challenge and there are a million things to keep in mind. We hope that our tips will prove useful to you when you plan your next outdoor catering event.

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