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North Indian Dishes to Must Have on Your Wedding Menu

If there is one thing that is known to uplift an individual’s mood, it is undoubtedly an excellent food. Eating good food naturally makes you feel happy and positive about life. And that is what makes it one of the most vital parts of any celebration. Being in the wedding industry for years, we often recommend our guests to spend more on the quality and variety of food rather than other things. After all, it is going to be one of the first things that your guests will enjoy being a part of your celebration. So, why not present your guests with some of the most lovable and sumptuous North Indian delicacies this wedding season?

Be it your house party, an anniversary celebration, or wedding day, these delicacies will surely make a perfect menu and would make your celebration worth it.


Scroll down to check out our specially curated list of North Indian Delicacies: 


Dal Makhani 

Even those who run away from dals love tasting this typical Punjabi North Indian delicacy due to its tempting flavors and rich taste. It is one of the must-have treats that you must pick for the menu. 

North Indian Dishes 1



Gone are the days when you have limited options in biryani. Now, no matter if you are planning a vegetarian menu or a non-vegetarian menu, you have plenty of choices in biryani to pick from. 

North Indian Dishes 2


Chole Bhature 

A typical North Indian dish, Chole Bhature is one of the most popular delicacies among individuals. So, if you want to serve your guests with something they are familiar with, this one is the best. 

North Indian Dishes 3


Malai Kofta

The creamy texture, spiciness, and the balls made of vegetables; this dish offers soothing flavors that perfectly satiate your taste buds. 

North Indian Dishes 4


Butter Chicken 

Ask any non-vegetarian lover if they can live without Butter Chicken? The answer will be NO, and that is why this sumptuous North Indian delicacy deserves the place in our list. 

North Indian Dishes 5

Rajasthani Gatta 

A popular Rajasthani delicacy that has its origin in Rajasthan, this dish would take all your guests by surprise with its tempting flavors and balanced use of spices. 

Laccha Parantha 

We have often seen people go picky about the delicacies, but they don’t pay much attention to the pieces of bread. Laccha Parantha is the best choice of food you can have on your menu. 

Rajma Masala 

A popular Punjabi dish, Rajma Masala, is one such delicacy that will make all your guests drool over its finger-licking flavors and rich taste. 

Rogan Josh 

Kashmiri dish that is now widely popular among individuals, Rogan Josh, is another mouth-watering delicacy that you must have on your wedding menu. 

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is one such delicacy that receives immense love for its soothing and mild flavors. You can also go dairy-free and use veggies like potatoes and cauliflower.

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