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Must-Try Wedding Food Trends in 2019

Even if you don’t agree, it is a fact that food is one of the most interesting and exciting elements of a wedding for the guests and people are attracted towards gastronomical delights waiting for them to be tried, tasted, and devoured. Once decided and accepted, let us move forward and discuss some of the top food trends for the wedding. Let us decode people’s fascination with gourmet food. 


Coffeelicious Delight

Wedding Food Trends 2019 1

If you are a coffee aficionado, you will surely appreciate the novel way in which your favorite brew is served. How about coffee being served in a cone with its rim coated with colorful sprinklers. The coffee with its characteristic creamy patterns is sure to appeal to your senses. The pleasure of sipping your favourite brew from a cone and then chewing on that cone is sure to be unparalleled with any other way coffee is served. 


This wedding food trend is so appealing that it can also be tried for foodie delights like cottage cheese or chicken served in cone pizzas!


Go for an Interesting Plating Technique

Wedding Food Trends 2019 2

The trend of serving food in small portions is fast catching up. It is one of the unique wedding food ideas and helps prevent wastage of food. With food fast becoming fashion, hosts can use a variety of interesting and distinctive plating techniques to attract the attention of food-lovers. If they like the taste and flavour of the food served, they can take a second helping, if not, they can move on to the next dish on the menu. Serving bite-sized food is the next trend that is cooking up a storm as the best wedding food ideas on a budget


Whip up your food and drinks

Wedding Food Trends 2019 3

It is another of the wedding food trends 2019 where guests are given a choice to the guests who are looking forward to enjoying the flavor adventure, thrill of discovery, and overall need to create a food or drink option exactly as they like it. You can create fun wedding food stations where guests can whip up everything from interesting drinks to amazing desserts or salads. Have a Mimosa Bar counter in a corner and you will find guests queuing up to make their own drink and experiment a little while doing so!


Go Vibrant With Your Food Choices

Wedding Food Trends 2019  4

When looking for interesting foods to serve at a wedding reception, we suggest going for a colourful food palette. Understand that food choice is rarely black or white. Going with food choices in diverse hues and colours make it aesthetically appealing while at the same time ensuring the guests having a fill of essential nutrients. Nice, bright coloured food choices can be recreated in food options like multicoloured rice, idlis, unicorn noodles, pasta, desserts, cocktails and more. 


Food Served on Wheels

Wedding Food Trends 2019 5

Another interesting food trend that is going to get stronger in the coming years is meals served on wheels. You can serve food on carts making it interesting for the food lovers. Go for dim sum carts or burgers and sliders. Let your imagination run wild with ideas as a lot of food choices will go perfectly well with the idea. If it is a summer wedding, serve cool drinks and juices or go for starters, street foods, and appetizers. You can also have live street food options. Anything that will make the idea cool is worth trying!

 An Unforgettable, multi-cuisine experience

Pamper your guests and their taste buds with the best of regional, Indian and International flavours allowing them to have a pick of their choice from the best wedding food and drinks. Create the perfect flight of flavourful fancy for the guests. Lay a multi-cuisine spread of gourmet delights with the best of flavours and aromas rendering the perfect feeling of a royal foodie. 

Make this wedding special and to be remembered for a long time for the guests gracing the occasion to incorporate the latest and popular catering foods trends.


Give something to your guests that are something truly unique than regular wedding food experiences.


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