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Mouth-watering Mango Delights For Summer Wedding Menu

Pretty golden mounds of mangoes are a delight to the weary summer eyes. Mangoes are undoubtedly the most favorite fruit in India. One cannot think of summer and not think of mangoes. The hot humid days would become unbearable but for this heavenly fruit. Though many consider consuming it as a fruit or smoothie only, it can also be turned into a lip-smacking appetizers, salad, sushi, curry, rice, desserts and what not! You can also add these interesting dishes to your wedding menu as well. You just need to experiment a little or try the dishes we’ve listed down below:





Mango bell Pepper Rice Rolls


Fish Tacos with Mango Avocado Cream Sauce


Chilli Lime Salmon with Avocado & Mango


Parma Ham, Mango & Mozzarella Bites


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