Most popular Eastern Indian Dishes to consider for your Wedding Menu

Food holds a great importance in anyone’s life. Some like it spicy, some prefer tantalizing flavors while some just like it to keep it simple and plain to eat. Every individual prefers different taste, hence you must choose a wedding menu where everyone can find the taste as per their liking. Since Eastern Indian dishes are quite popular among North Indians and they just can’t get over the tempting flavors that these eastern Indian dishes offer, here we are listing the ones that we find the best in terms of taste and popularity.


Keep scrolling to find out the best choice of Eastern Indian delicacies for your wedding menu:


Litti Chokha

A delicacy that is extremely popular in Bihar, Litti chokha makes a perfect dish to keep on your wedding menu. Litti comes stuffed with sattu and you need to roast it with perfection to get the smoky flavors. It gets served with freshly cooked chokha made using boiled potato, onion, tomatoes and lemon.

litti chokha


Bihari kebab

While every state has their own version of kebabs, it is the Bihari kebabs that often leave the mark in the heart of the people. It is a perfect snack option that can consider for your wedding menu. I am sure the guests would love the tempting flavors.

bihari kabab



Originated in Bengal, Jalfrezi is the one of the most popular curry dish which gets prepared using multiple ingredients consisting of meat, paneer, vegetables, and fish. Whether you want it to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can get it cooked in whatever way you like.

vegetable jalfrezi



Momos! Does it need any introduction? We all have tasted it and we all have loved it. In fact, it is one such dish that both kids and adults look forward too on any menu. So make sure you have momos on your wedding menu.




A Bengali street snack, jhaal muri is an exceptionally light and refreshing snack choice that goes perfectly on the menu for any occasion. You can get it cooked as per your taste and preference.

jhal muri


Khalo Dal

A dish that offers exotic aroma, flavors, and taste, Khalo Dal is made using Chilkewali dal and makes the perfect choice for the main-course meal. Add it to your wedding menu and let your guests enjoy the tempting flavors.

khalo dal


Til ko Alu

Made using sesame seeds and boiled potatoes, you will love the spicy yet soothing flavors of this delicacy. Get it on your wedding menu and make it exciting for your guests as well.

til wale aloo


Fish Curry

This dish belongs to the beautiful state of Assam and it is cooked using Rohu Fish. The fish first gets marinated using the spices, turmeric, mustard oil, and luscious gravy of tomatoes and onion. It would make a perfect dish for your main-course meal.

fish curry


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A delicacy that belongs to the state of Orissa, the main two ingredients used to cook this dish is chickpea dal and raw papayas. You can add the vegetables of your choice and we assure you it would taste just splendid.