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Mid-Night Phera Snacks to Must Serve on Your Wedding Night

A marriage without good snacks would be a dull affair undoubtedly. And who would want such dull moments in their wedding ceremonies especially during pheras? So if you are someone who would love to keep their guests engaged and would want to serve them with some amazing munchies, these mid-night phera snacks are all you need. After all, post all the fun and dancing, your guests would surely love to treat themselves with some feast. 

Wondering what sumptuous options you have to serve to your guests? Scroll down and check them out: 


Roasted Dry Fruits

There is nothing better and more nutritious than letting your guests munch on roasted dry fruits. Especially, if you are planning your weddings in winter, this would be a perfect choice.

Mid Night Phera Snacks 1



Popcorns are truly everyone's favorite. Be it, adult or children, popcorns are something you cannot stop eating once you start. Easy to serve, this snack will surely become a huge hit among your guests.

Mid Night Phera Snacks 2



A super satiating and stomach filling, corn is a light and refreshing treat that you must have on your menu for phera snacks. It is a perfect snack to serve your guests in winter.

Mid Night Phera Snacks 3


Nachos served with Salsa Sauce

These days nachos are a go-to snack for just everyone. As these are easy to digest and are light on the stomach, they make for a perfect choice to serve to the guests.

Mid Night Phera Snacks 4



If you wish to serve something healthy to your guests, makhane also known as fox nuts gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. These are a flavorful snack to serve to the guests. 

Mid Night Phera Snacks 5


Doughnuts & Cupcakes

Give your guests some dose of sweetness and serve them with these super refreshing and mouthwatering bite-sized doughnuts & cupcakes.

So, these were the amazing choice of snacks to must-have on your mid-night pheras. Your guests would surely drool over these finger-licking easy to grab snacks.


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