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Make Your Wedding Celebrations Special and Memorable with Quirky Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes are fast becoming a rage in Indian weddings. It not only attracts the attention of the guests with its unique toppings but also gives them something to look forward to especially to those with a sweet tooth. When choosing a wedding cake for your special day, you can either keep it traditional or you can go all out with your creativity and show your naughty and funny side. While being a sight to behold, it must also be delectable in taste. There is no dearth of cake shops that deal especially in bespoke cakes and give your creative idea a touch of reality. Here, we bring you unique and funny to the core wedding cake ideas that are sure to make them one of the most talked-about elements of your wedding. 


Shackled – The Prisoner Cake

It is an interesting and very funny cake in black and white replicating a prisoner’s striped outfit in jail. Create handcuff-shaped icing on the top for an added measure. This cake idea speaks about the couple getting imprisoned in love for each other forever. You can choose this cake design for a bachelorette or bachelor party which is going to be a big tease about this major step they are taking in their life. 


A Milestone Achievement Wedding Cake

It suffices to say the wedding is one of the most important milestones in the life of every person and this day needs to be celebrated as an achievement. Go for a Milestone Achievement Cake congratulating and giving the best wishes to the couple for embarking on a new journey together. A funny touch can be added to the cake by adding a few details from the erstwhile video games where people used to take a leap to be safe. 


A Game-Over Wedding Cake

This is a groom teasing wedding cake where the bride is holding the groom by his cuff. It is a hilarious cake depicting the days of freedom getting over as soon as he steps on the threshold of matrimony. It is just a fun cake with no literal meaning hurting anyone’s feelings. 

Celebrating a Specific Band Cake

If the couple shares an interesting history where their interests, likes, and dislikes are well-aligned, come up with a wedding cake that celebrates any of these interests and make it the center of attraction. It can be a specific music band or an artist instrumental in getting them together. It is sure going to be a perfect choice for a couple who hold this band or musician high in their lives. 

Video Game Cake

When looking for a suitable wedding cake for your friend who loves playing video games, choose these games as the theme of the cake. It can be a perfect option for a pre-wedding party. The cake can have a gaming console or inspired by a specific video game. Your friend is surely going to go crazy over this unique cake design. 

A teasing graphic cake

If you are looking for a teasing cake, you can go for a graphic cake where you can show the groom hanging by the precipice showing about to take a deep plunge. It can also mean the bride and groom vying for the same slice of cake. Instead of any tradition, plain-looking and boring cake, this wedding cake is surely going to get good laughs from the couple and guests. 

A cartoon character for the child in you

If anyone from the couple still enjoys watching favorite cartoon films, you can choose it as the wedding cake theme and come up with an interesting looking and adorable cartoon cake. This cake salutes to every child hiding behind the so-called tough exterior of a grown-up person. 

Minion Cake

If you are looking for something different and unique, go with a minion cake that is perfectly suitable for any pre-wedding party like a bachelor’s or a bachelorette “do.” If either of the couples is always involved in some mischief, this cake is the best way to pull his/her leg. This is an adorable and cutesy cake perfect for a naughty couple. 

Lockdown Wedding Cake

This cake depicts the new responsibilities of the groom once he gets married and how his life is going to take a 360-degree turn. This cake is also perfect for an informal bash before the actual wedding ceremony.

These funny cakes are meant precisely for having some fun and keeping things interesting and light amidst formal wedding ceremonies. Show your humorous side with these imaginative cakes and execute your wild ideas flawlessly


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