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Lip-smacking non-veg delicacies for a perfect wedding feast

On your wedding day, all the eyes of your guest will be on you. But once they are done attending the ceremonies, the attention will be on the food. So make sure your wedding menu has all the amazing delicacies that can make your guests drool over the served food. And when it comes to the wedding menu, among all the delicacies you serve on the table, but that one section that catches the most attention is the non-vegetarian delicacies. Of all the delicacies we have tried so far, here are some of our favorite delicacies for meat lovers for you to consider for your wedding menu:

Best Grilled Chicken makes a perfect snack

Best Grilled Chicken


Butter Chicken to offer your guests a lip-smacking curry dish

Butter Chicken


All your guests would drool over smoky hot Chicken 65

hot chicken 65


Chicken Tikka for those perfect spicy flavors

Chicken Tikka


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