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Jazz up your “Birthday Party'' with these amazing 8 birthday catering tips!

Birthdays are a key milestone in a person's life, and you really want to go above and beyond with the food you plan to serve. But you don't just want to serve food on a table and call it a day. That special person's day deserves some special preparation and our top 10 ideas for an awesome birthday catering is here to guide you along the way.

So, take a look at our list and use it as a guideline to help you prepare the most astounding-looking catered feast for that special birthday.


1. Let them eat “cake”

The grand centerpiece for any birthday celebration, without a doubt, is the birthday cake. The piece de resistance, so it's natural that you'd want it to be a show stopper. So instead of having a standard flavor cake, get a theme cake, and put it on a cake stand. It gives your cake some verticality and prominence. Let the theme of the cake resonate with the rest of your party décor theme.


2. Assemble your cheese board

If your party guests are a little more grown up and enjoy the finer things, a well-assembled cheese board is an awesome idea for birthday catering. Get a mixture of various kinds of cheese and pair them with some crackers, fruits, and jams. A good sharp cheddar and a mild gouda are good starting points. You can look up online for some exquisite cheese and fruit combinations to fully flesh out your cheese board.


3. Go mini pails for a rustic feel

If your party has a more grounded theme and a more rustic palette, like a return to the old ways, another chic choice is serving your food in mini pails. A cute collection of appetizers or small pails with ice cream will give your birthday catering a very earthly and robust feel. You can also decorate your pails to match the theme of your party.


4. Put your appetizers on a stick!

A good way to change out your appetizer serving is to skewer them on small cocktail sticks. You can serve small fried snacks on sticks to create the perfect bite-sized birthday party snack. Mini potato cutlets, cheese pops, and mini pizzas are great finger food. It does take a little more effort but it's all worth it when your guests get astounded by the novelty of your appetizers and get to munching on the delectable snacks. You can even call them savoury lollipops!


5. Get a punch bowl

A simple and easy way to present drinks at your next birthday party is to make mocktails and put them in a punch bowl. Whip up your favorite mocktails and serve them beautifully in a large punch bowl garnished with fresh fruits. It makes serving drinks easier at a larger event as the guests control their mocktail consumption. A fresh fruit daiquiri is a go-to for any punch bowl, with its fruity and refreshing taste.


6. Go healthy with a vegetable and hummus tray

You can also include a healthy option for your guests in the way of a tray of fresh crunchy vegetable sticks and some dips. These are vibrant, fresh, and healthy appetizers and a good alternative to the more common fried food. carrots, cucumber, and celery are great for their crunch and even better when dipped in some hummus or ranch dressing.


7. Blow them away with your main course

The main course is also key in your birthday celebration, and sometimes a very difficult choice. Do you go traditional Indian or try some foreign cuisine? Whatever your inclination may be, it is best to go somewhat light on the main course, because your guests will have already filled up on your delicious appetizers. If you want to go italian, good pasta is always a crowd-pleaser and you can serve at least 2 varieties easily. If you feel like traditional indian is the better route, a nice spicy pav bhaji or a tantalizing aromatic biryani is a sure hit with children and adults alike.


8. Excite your guests with a desert bar

Instead of just scooping out ice cream in bowls and serving it to your guest, set up a simple dessert bar. You can add cupcakes, doughnuts, pancakes, or even something as simple as a toppings bar for the ice cream you serve. Let your guests freely express their inner child and watch them create desert masterpieces or monstrosities with an array of toppings. Some popular toppings choices are gems, kitkats, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.

With these tips, your birthday celebration is bound to be a great success. Start planning!

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