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Indo-Western Desserts- A Perfect Amalgamation of Indian & Modern Taste

When it comes to our love affair with desserts, our objective has always been, “the more, the better”. So why not present your guests with more and good this wedding season? How about letting your guests enjoy their favourite desserts in a new exciting fusion like these mouth-watering indo-western dessert combinations?

Here are some excellent choices of Indo-western desserts that you must consider adding to your wedding menu: 



Apple Jalebi 

A delicious dessert to present to your guests this wedding season, Apple Jalebi is a perfect indo-western dessert. Your guests will surely love this impressive makeover of Jalebi and the flavours of apple.


Indo-Western Desserts 1



Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 

Thinking of this mouth-watering dessert takes us to another world and has already become our favourite. The perfect fusion of GulabJamun and Cheesecake would surely make your guests drool over the taste.


Indo-Western Desserts 2 


KesarBadam Cupcakes with Shrikhand

Cupcakes are widely famous among both kids and adults. But have you ever tried KesarBadam Cupcakes with Shrikhand frosting? It tastes yummy and will become an instant favourite in kids.


Indo-Western Desserts 3



MotichoorRabri Parfait 

A perfect fusion of Indian flavours and modern dessert, this motichoorrabri parfait will make for an ideal dessert to have on your wedding menu. The mouth-watering flavours will indeed win your heart.


<Indo-Western Desserts 4

Thandai Mousse Cake 

This irresistible and incredulous dessert is prepared using a perfect combo of thandai and whipped cream loaded with pistachios. Your kids would surely love the idea of thandai in the form of cake.


Oats Sesame Laddoo 

A healthy snack for adults and kids, oats sesame laddoos is all that you need for a healthy diet. Rich in nutrition, these laddoos are just right to eat regularly and to give your kids a good dose of iron, fibre, protein, etc.


Coconut Pandan Crepes

A popular dessert from Malaysia, Coconut Pandan Crepes is something worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. Made using coconut milk and extract of fresh pandan crepes, the filling of this coconut pandan crepe is absolutely worth trying.

Thandai Chocolate Bark 

Another tempting dessert for all chocolate lovers, thandai chocolate bark will win your heart with itshat is perfect for serving on all occasions.

So, this wedding season, make sure you serve your guests with the best variety of fusion desserts. Though you don’t need a reason to try them out, having them on your wedding menu would make you the best host.


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