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How wedding caterers attempt to stay viable during the crisis phase of COVID-19?

With the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, human life has come to a standstill. Although certain relaxations are now given in certain aspects, still we are far from leading a normal life. With staying home and social distancing becoming the rules of this “new normal”, many businesses are facing the hit. And one of the most affected business sectors is the catering service providers. With restrictions on any kind of social gatherings, things are becoming tougher for wedding caterers.

wedding caterers attempt to stay viable during the crisis phase of COVID-19

With “big fat” weddings not taking place until the normalization of situations, the wedding caterers are facing an unprecedented financial crunch. March 2020 onwards, the catering service provider is dealing with cancellations, and now, with things not going to change soon, they are finding it difficult to cope up with the situation. From the big names to the ones with medium-size businesses, wedding catering service providers are thinking of alternative ways to remain afloat during this crisis and overcome the situation.

Catering Business requires huge maintenance costs and even though the booking is withheld, there are certain costs like staff salaries and space rents that are still borne. Thus, wedding caterers need to remain functional by finding options to at least cover the recurring costs.

Like, the focus is now on providing comfortable alternatives to customers to make them avail great services from these wedding caterers. Like, major caterers are now seen concentrating on adopting new business policies to stay in form. Providing homely cooked food to customers at their doorstep to let them enjoy good food even during the lockdown is one such attempt on their part. This way, even during such a grave situation, they will manage to set up a constant income base while at the same time maintaining their goodwill and reputation.


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While some of the other medium and small wedding caterers have started up alternative eateries and sweet and savory shops with the facility of home delivery of freshly cooked food to keep going during this tough time.

Caterers will also have to change their business stance once things start getting better. With people facing a financial emergency, it is most like that lavish weddings will not be on the card very soon. So, caterers know that they have to take whatever orders are coming their way and serve well till Indian Weddings get back its lost glamour.

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