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How to Plan your Wedding Catering? - To-do list

When it comes to a wedding, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is the wedding venue. But we miss the fact that it is the wedding catering that needs as much attention as other aspects of the wedding like the venue and décor. After all, it is the food that all your guests look forward to, and it is one such element that plays a critical role in setting the mood of the celebration. So, make sure you plan your wedding catering well and leave your guests with a good impression and amazing memory.

Pre-wedding catering

When should you book the caterer for your wedding?

While most people suggest hiring the wedding caterer four to five months before the wedding but you must book way before that to get the right caterer. Especially if your wedding is expected to be on one of the most popular wedding dates available for the season, you must hire the wedding caterer as soon as you finalize the wedding date. As delaying may cost you a lot and you also might not get the caterer of your choice.

Just remember that you just need to confirm the guest count and the style of service you would like to have for your celebration. From the buffet, carving stations to sit-down dinner, you can pick any service style of your choice.


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Pre-wedding to-do list-Three months before the wedding

Now, this is the time when you finally confirm the headcounts to your wedding caterer and start discussing the menu. Make sure you give your caterer 80% of the guest count you are expecting at your wedding.

Also, this is the time when you must contact your caterer for the tasting. So schedule the tasting at this time and finalize the menu for the occasion. Once you finalize all the details, get the final costing from the caterer and understand the payment structure and the breakdown.


Pre-wedding to-do list- A few weeks before the wedding

It is the time when you call your caterer to confirm all the important details like the date of your event, time, and location, and ask if they have all the details they need from you.

You can make the final payment before the event takes place. And if your wedding caterer agrees, you can make the partial payment as well. Also, if there are any changes in your guest count, you must inform the caterer 72 hours before the event.

Make sure, you keep all these details in mind and book the wedding caterers in Delhi in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.


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