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How to Plan Your Summer Party Catering on a Budget?

Summer, being the most anticipated time of the year calls for a party. It is the time when you get some amazing weddings and events to attend. In case you are lucky, you might get an invitation to a house party, birthday party or anniversary celebration. But that was only the fun party. The stress begins when you have to throw one. Throwing a party seems like a fun affair but it requires a lot of planning especially on the catering part. If you have a set budget for the event, the task becomes even more challenging.

Well if you plan in advance, things can go really smooth and you will end up saving a lot of money. In case you are still wondering how, here we have some tricks and tips to plan a summer party catering on a budget:

Plan Your Summer Party Catering on a Budget


Go for a cost-effective menu.

The most important thing at a birthday party is the menu. Plan the catering in a calculative way. Fewer items with higher liking will let you spend less on the menu. Include food items that are filling yet inexpensive.


Be selective with your guests

Keeping the guest list small is a great way of cutting on your summer birthday catering budget. Just stick to the close friends and family members and don’t go for an elaborate guest invitation. This will surely help to keep expenses in check.


Book affordable yet reliable catering services

Though it is always wise to get everything cooked at home, but nothing can be more fitting for the occasion that hiring an affordable catering services. It will be both courteous and budget-friendly. Keep it simple with food items like pancakes, sandwiches, and fruit salads. These are easy to prepare and also keeps guests happy.


Go for live stations to avoid the wastage

You can also set up a tempting, live pasta counter offering two to three varieties. And add in some toast and salad to make it a wholesome yet light catering menu for a perfect summertime birthday party.


Plan it at your own property

Since its summer, you can easily host a small evening party with your dear ones. Just include a few easy-going snacks and some refreshing juices and drinks and your party will rock. And if there is a spacious backyard or a greeting pool, the fun quotient will automatically accentuate.


Tacos and Hot-dogs

Items like these are sure to be a great hit when it comes to deciding on the food items for a budget-friendly catering menu for a summer birthday party. Add in some ice-creams and your guests will enjoy through the party.


Planning Everything by Yourself

You are the best judge of your finances and thus you can best plan the entire event and especially the catering part in a way to keep expenses within a manageable limit.

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