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Hottest Wedding Catering Trends in 2019

If you want to throw the wedding of the year, you've got to stay on top of the trends. Since it is 2019, things are changing a bit. Fun, bold colors, eco-friendly flair, and glamor are just a few of this year's most interesting wedding trends. But the change is not limited to this, now you can experience a lot of change in wedding catering trends also.

Scroll down to check out the hottest wedding catering trends in 2019 that you must employ for your big day:


  1. Live food stations

Now other than your custom cocktail bars, you have these live-station counters also where you can get your food cooked as per your desire and taste.

Hottest Wedding Catering Trends in 2019 1


  1. Small bites

Gone are the days when you used to serve your guests with heavy foods as starters. Now you can go for snacks that are quick to grab and light on the stomach.

Hottest Wedding Catering Trends in 2019 2 

  1. More desserts option

One of the most sought-after counters at weddings, desserts is everyone’s’ favorite. The more, the better!

Hottest Wedding Catering Trends in 2019 3


  1. Add a splash of colors

Infuse colors to the food and amaze your guests with each serving. For example, if you have a black and white décor theme, you can put Oreos or black-&-white cookies for a delectable dessert.

Hottest Wedding Catering Trends in 2019 4

  1. Food Vans

Food on the wheels is another interesting catering trend that is gaining popularity at weddings these days. So, why not you have it for your wedding?

  1. Personalize Counter for Kids

Whenever we plan a wedding, we think of all the important aspects, but what about kids and their food choices? So why not have separate counters for the kids with their favorite dish like chocolate puddings, sweet tarts, etc?

No matter if you are planning your wedding this year or next year, these hottest wedding catering trends will win the hearts of all your guests. Don’t forget to bookmark the ideas to make it part of your wedding. You can also contact our catering experts at GetYourMenu for the best wedding catering services in Delhi/NCR


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