Haryanvi Wedding Menu - Enjoy the simple yet delectable flavors in every bite

One of the most agriculturally blooming states in India, Haryana is a land of rich culture, heritage, and traditions. The state has various small villages where you will find people beautifully enjoying their home-cooked food that embraces simplicity and exotic flavors. Moreover, the people in Haryana believe in growing their own food, which makes them the richest state with a large number of agriculture and cattle.

Moreover, these delicacies make the perfect choice for your wedding menu as well. So if you wish to have an insight into the flavorful Haryanvi dishes, we have an amazing list of delicacies that you can’t miss to try when in Haryana. All these dishes will make a perfect Haryanvi marriage food menu as well.


Bhura Roti Ghee

A simple yet rich delicacy, bhura roti with ghee is a perfect pick for those who enjoy soothing flavors. You will definitely love eating this roti with spicy sabzi or delicacy of your choice.

haryana wedding menu 1


Besan Masala Roti

If you talk about the varieties of chapatti, you will find it in a large number in Haryanvi cuisine. When it comes to our favorite, besan masala roti surely hits the list. Eat it with your favorite sabzi and you will love the flavors it offers in every bite.

haryana wedding menu 2


Bajara Aloo Roti

We have heard a lot about bajara roti but what about making bajara roti with spice mixed aloo. Bajara Aloo Roti served with saag would make all your guests drool over its perfect flavor. So when in Haryana, don’t forget to try this amazing delicacy.

haryana wedding menu 3


Sangri Sabzi

Though Sangri sabzi authentically belongs to Rajasthan due to its proximity to Haryana, this dish is also quite popular among the people in Haryana. Made using dessert beans and berries, you will love the exotic and tempting flavors of this dish. It is one such dish that deserves a place in the authentic Haryana wedding menu.

haryana wedding menu 4


Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi pakoda mix with rice is one of the combinations loved by people not just in India but in the whole world too. Especially if you are someone who enjoys Indian flavors, this delicacy will become your instant favorite.

haryana wedding menu 5


Hara Dhania Cholia

Made using chickpeas or hara chana, this delicacy is a popular hit in North India. Some people also like to cook it with mixed vegetables like onion, tomatoes, spices, and coriander leaves, etc. Eat with rotis or paranthas, this delicacy will win your heart with its flavorsome taste. You will surely find this delicacy in Haryana wedding food items.

haryana wedding menu 6


Gaajar Methi

If you wish to enjoy something cooked with seasonal vegetables, Gaajar Methi is all you need. The sweet flavors of Gaajar when combined with the sour flavors of methi make a pretty good combination and the outcome is just perfect.

haryana wedding menu 7


Mithe Chawal

Mithe Chawal is another delicacy that offers soothing flavors and is a perfect dish to try if you do not wish to eat something too spicy or hot. The sweet yet tempting flavors of this delicacy will make your day.

haryana wedding menu 8


Bajra Khichdi

Another Haryanvi delicacy to must try when in Haryana, Bajra Khichdi will win your heart with its simple yet flavorful taste. It is a very healthy recipe for those who follow a diet and likes to eat dishes that are light on the stomach.