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Gujarati Wedding Dishes- Feast You must not miss out!

Gujarati food is widely known for its high nutritional value that does not just satiate your taste buds but also do wonders to your health. A Gujarati thali comes filled with lip-smacking and sumptuous delicacies to offer your guests with a wide variety of flavours and dishes. All the treats are prepared using the distinctive style of cooking and would make for the best pick. 


Scroll down to check out some fantastic Gujarati Delicacies menu that you must try & serve at the weddings: 



The dish that instantly takes you to the land of Gujarat, dhokla is one such delicacy that will win your heart and would make you drool over its satiating flavours. The best thing about dhokla is that you can never have enough of them. They are easy to digest and are a perfect snack to serve to your guests. 

Gujarati Wedding Dishes 1



Khandvi is a savoury snack popular in both Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine. These yellowish, tightly-rolled bite-sized pieces are made using yogurt and gram flour. This tempting snack will instantly become hit among your guests. 

Gujarati Wedding Dishes 2



Who doesn’t want to delve in some tempting and mouth-watering kachoris, especially if is a winter wedding? If you are also a kachori lover, make sure you add these lip-smacking lilvakachoris to your wedding menu. 

Gujarati Wedding Dishes 3



Best known as mix veg in other language and regions, undhiyu is a traditional Gujarati dish that completes your menu. Have it with poori, chapatis, pieces of bread or rice; the choice is all yours. 

Gujarati Wedding Dishes 4


Spicy and tangy in flavour, SevTameta nu Shaak is one of the most flavoursome Gujarati delicacies, which can bring a whole lot of flavours to your wedding buffet. Your guests will love the lip-smacking flavours of this dish.  

Rasawala Aloo

An essential of any Gujarati thali, Rasawala aloo is absolutely a must-have for your wedding menu. You can enjoy the sumptuous flavours of the dish with both slices of bread and rice. 

Gujarati Dal 

Dal is everyone’s favourite no matter if it is Punjabi tadka dal or Gujarati Dal, it always makes a great option to have on your wedding menu. The best thing is that you can serve it in all the seasons. 


It is one such dish that tastes as good as it looks. Made using mango pulp, this dish would make your guests try it again and again. It is definitely a must-have Gujarati delicacy to include in your menu. 


One of the most popular Gujarati sweets to consider for your celebrations, Shrikhand would take your wedding menu to great heights. The rich, creamy texture with sweetness will win hearts. 

Gujarati Kadhi 

Another Gujarati recipe that you would love, kadhi is the yogurt-based gravy that is not just light on the stomach but also tastes fantastic. Among all the oily and spicy food you serve in a wedding, this Gujarati delicacy will come out as a winner.


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