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Great Food tips & tricks to help you decide your “Baby Shower Menu”

Throwing a baby shower can feel overwhelming and exciting but there are dozens of decisions to make! Starting off with the guest lists, the venue to host the event, the theme for the baby shower, games and of course the most important - the food! When it comes to baby shower menu planning, you have to ensure that there is plenty of good and nutritious food for the guests and their kids. One has to plan the baby shower menu very cautiously considering what the mom-to-be can – or cannot – eat.

Baby Shower Menu

When it comes to a baby shower, you would want to go all out with the food menu but one has to stick to a budget and plan out a menu that suits the best. Still confused on what to serve your guests? Although, there is no such rule or a specific baby shower menu but we have some tips up our sleeves that would help you decide your menu for your big day. So, if you want to know about some great ideas to make the food a super-duper hit among the guests then continue scrolling.


1.Pay attention to dietary needs: When planning for your baby shower menu, you need to have a wide range of menu and make sure that you look into the dietary needs of your guests and the mom to be. You should include dairy free, vegan, organic, gluten free, eggetarian, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options which can cater to every guest and your guests will be able to enjoy the meal without any dietary restrictions. 


2. Bite sized food is the key: As it is a semi casual event, rather than offering a full large lavish menu where a lot of crockery is involved, make it easy on your guests by offering bite size food or finger foods. Many guests will be with their toddlers at the event so offering them finger foods will be comfortable and the guests will be able to make the conversation flowing while taking care of their toddlers at the same time. 


3. Hydration is very important: Make sure to include other beverages except for mocktails and soft drinks. As your guest list also includes childrens so make sure to include some healthy beverages to keep them hydrated throughout. You may infuse your water with fresh fruits and lemons to serve your guests with the most healthy and fresh beverage. This will attract them to drink water and also adds to your decor. 


4. Do not forget the dessert bar: A meal is incomplete without a dessert bar but here we are not talking about a full blown dessert section. Include some mess free dessert options like cookies, cupcakes, brownies etc to make sure that they are convenient for the guests as well as kids. Plus point is that you will not require a separate candy section for the kids in your baby shower menu. 


5.Always hire a professional baby shower caterer: Well planning a baby shower party would seem easy but the execution is really tough and challenging and who would not want to enjoy their own event right! Hire a professional baby shower caterer and relieve the burden. With a caterer, you can breathe easy knowing that the food department will be handled by professionals. You can focus on other tasks like welcoming guests, organising the events of the day and more.

Let us share a sample menu for you to help you take some inspiration while preparing your baby shower menu.


Infused Water
Coconut Water
Soft Drinks


Tomato Soup with Gluten Free Bread
Sweet Corn soup shot


Corn Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Finger Veggie Glass


French Fries/ Smileys
Sandwiches/ Burgers
Live Barbeque :Hara Bhara Kebab/ Chicken Kebab
Live Pizzas: Thin Crust Pizzas with condiments
Chinese : Chilli Chicken & Honey Chilli Potato
Tandoori Chaap/ Tandoori Chicken
Live Pasta Counter


Main Course
Shashlik Paneer
Butter Chicken
Mutton Rogan Josh
Dal Makhni
Dum Aloo
Mix Vegetables


International Cuisine
Thai Curry with Steam Rice
Hummus with Pita Bread
Goreng Noodles with Fish Curry




Egg Fried Rice
Vegetable Pulao
Vegetable Pulao


Ice Cream Popsicles
Hot kulhad jalebi with Rabdi

Remember, ultimately a baby shower is a celebration – a celebration of the mommy-to-be. So, it should always be according to one’s personal choice only. All you need to do is enjoy your day with your friends and family and let Get Your Menu - the best baby shower caterer in Delhi help you out in throwing the most amazing baby shower ever.
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