Fun & Interesting Food Ideas to Serve At Your Mehndi!

As we all know, Indian weddings are quite an extravagant affair, especially ceremonies like Mehndi. Gone are the days when people used to get excited for only the big day. Now all wedding ceremonies are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Wedding ceremonies like Mehndi are full of music, dancing, color, flowers, performances, and most importantly: food!

Yes, your guests might miss noticing the décor and your enticing arrangements but they will definitely not miss trying the food you’ll serve at the function. So why not serve your guests something unique or for a change, food that is healthy for them?


Top healthy dishes you must serve your guests on Mehndi



Smoothies Bar

Why not experiment a little and present your guests something that instantly catches their attention? Be it a fitness wagon or any other individual, this is one such thing that all your guests would love trying! You can also serve the smoothies and juices mixed with wine or champagne, which is not only healthy but are also very low on calories.


Sandwiches with Soup

Must be surprised, right? This is another unique combo that your guests would totally drool over! All you need to do is to make tiny pieces of the sandwich and serve it along with the soup. Serve with style and you are the best host already!


Fruit Parfait

Healthy and delicious, this dish is all you need to set the right mood. Comes packed with the exotic fruits, creamy yogurt and some cereals and nuts for the perfect texture; this fruit parfait will make for a perfect delicacy for mehndi.

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Spicy bhel

A perfect snack to soothe your taste buds, bhel tops the list when it comes to Indian snacks. Light to eat and low in calories, you can munch it even while hitting the dance floor.

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Watermelon Wonder

The king of summer, this fruit does not only soothe your thirst but also works best for hunger pangs. So what could be better than having these small miracles that come packed with lots of vitamins and antioxidants? Also, don’t forget to put some feta cheese, sea salt and mint leaves on the top of the cubes for the funky flavor.

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