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Forget the Usual: Time to Try out these Unique Wedding Cake Flavours

Every single arrangement of planning an auspicious wedding ceremony is very crucial, and selecting the right wedding cake flavor can top the list for some couples. Instead of going off an ordinary or familiar flavor, choosing something new and fresh can be very exciting. Some of the most loved exclusive flavors of wedding cake are:-


Chocolate Ganache Flavored Cake 

 If you are a lover of chocolate flavor, then this cake is the best one for you. Chocolate ganache cake is a hot favorite, and it is best to leave the guests drooling over the taste of it. When used with hazelnut butter, the chocolate ganache cake is sure to rock the wedding party.

Unique Wedding Cake Flavours 1 


Red Velvet Cake 

Yet another delicious variation of wedding cake, red velvet cake, is what you should choose to add more romance and passion to the wedding ceremony. Adding a little Jamaican rum to the cake further elevate the taste to leave all craving for more.

Unique Wedding Cake Flavours 2


White Chocolate Cake 

Extremely tempting and delectable, the combination of white chocolate with raspberry can do wonders for wedding cakes. Raspberry can be used in any form with white chocolate to offer a perfect balance to the taste. 

Unique Wedding Cake Flavours 3


Lemon with Rose 

With the innate capability of leaving the guests highly impressed, this cake flavor can always be tried for wedding ceremonies. This cake is a balance of tangy and sweet flavors and is sure to be loved for its uniqueness.

 Unique Wedding Cake Flavours 4

Caramelized Apple Cake 

A very look at the cake can leave guests longing for it. The apples are spiced and also cut in smaller pieces that are used as a topping. When dressed with caramelized buttercream and brown sugar mousse, there is no match to it.

Coconut and Chai 

Very unique and different from the other traditional flavors of wedding cake, this flavor will be particularly beloved by all tea lovers. The combination of tea flavor with coconut along with whipped buttercream is very new and is sure worth a try. 

So, if you are planning to add a pleasant surprise for the visiting guests, then you can settle for any of the above unique wedding cake flavors. Let the guests enjoy the fresh taste of the cake.


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