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Food Tips To Follow For The Couple Getting Married & Their Wedding Guests

Our changing lifestyle has played havoc with our health. Growing awareness of good health and fitness has encouraged people to make healthy food choices. This has resulted into people attending weddings and other get-togethers to look for healthy and nutritious food options. At weddings, a great variety of food is served, and the focus is more on taste rather than its nutritional value.

Food Tips Couples

Here, we help you with food tips that will help you choose food items that are high on taste, flavor and nutritional value.


Food Tips for the Bride and the Groom

Since your wedding is going to be the most special day in your life and you will be the centre of attraction, it is important to pay heed to what you eat so that you look glowing and ravishing on your special day. Here is what you can do-


Engage a Dietician

You can seek help of a dietician who can help you decide a food menu besides your catering partner. You also need to pay attention to the fact that you may have guests who may be allergic to gluten or are lactose intolerant. It is important to have a few food choices that meet their health requirements. A dietician can help plan a wedding menu that keep these concerns in focus and offer a few healthy alternatives.


A Balanced Diet

You must focus on getting a balanced diet. It is possible by adding fruit and salad bar menu. These options will help fulfil the need for essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of our body. If you are planning to serve Paneer Butter Masala and Biryani, add some baby corn, mushroom, leafy vegetables and more to balance the food between greasy and healthy.


Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Instead of going for carbonated drinks, go for natural mocktails. Even if you are planning to serve margaritas or mojitos, try to add healthy ingredients that are not artificially processed. Sugar can be easily replaced with honey making it a healthier choice. You can also serve a range of fresh fruit juices.


Savory Sweet Nothings

If you are planning to serve a wide range of desserts, choose options that are a mix of sweet and savory. A few options worth checking out are avocado flavoured pastries sans sugar or macarons with salmon.


Food Tips to be followed by the Wedding Guests

If you have to attend a lot of weddings this wedding season, it is important for you to follow some smart food tips that will ensure enjoying amazing taste and flavours without hampering your health.


Look for a Balanced Meal

Every wedding feast offers a huge food spread but while checking out options on display, do not forget how hard you have worked to achieve your health goals. If you wish to try a couple of buttery and greasy dishes, balance them with fresh salad or fruits or any leafy vegetable. You can also choose food options that are rich in nutrients.


Cut Down on Carbs

If you are expected to attend a wedding the next day, it is advisable to cut down on your carb intake. Go for some parboiled veggies and fresh juices that will give your body a much-desired breather and prepare it for the feast awaiting you the next day.


Set the Stage on Fire

If you know that your calorie intake is going to be higher, why not express your happiness to attend the wedding of your friend by setting the stage on fire. It will help you express your happiness for the couple while at the same time taking care of your extra calories.


These food tips are sure to help you enjoy wedding feast to the utmost without throwing your health for a toss. Control is the key, but you can do it by compensating with healthier choices.


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