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Drool-worthy Food Choices Ruling the Indian Weddings

Food is one of the major elements that make a wedding memorable. Amazing décor, gorgeous venue, stunning couple, beautiful lighting and scintillating music can fail to impress if the food served at the wedding is not imaginative enough. Here, we bring you some of the most drool-worthy, lip smacking foods that are sumptuous and lip-smacking to relish and enjoy.


Popsicle Cocktails

Beat the summer heat with flavored sorbets poured generously over crushed ice!


Soup Shooters

Enjoy sipping smoking hot soup shooters stylishly presented with crackers or dill toppings in a wintry night!


Chandelier Cakes

Huge, chandelier, tiered cakes are quite in vogue these days. Perfect as a décor element, the cakes just steal the show!


Chicken Kulfi

Henna Cakes & Cookies


Beautiful and intricate like henna designs…these food delights are melting in mouth good!


Sushi Bars


Sushi served in unimaginable style and grace, a perfect one for foodies!


Comfort Finger Foods


Whether it is juicy, succulent meatballs or crunchy taco delight, finger foods are always the best to gorge on in a wedding!


Marble & Mirror Marble Cake


An artistic creation, the cakes are yum to taste and gorgeous in looks!


Waffle Pops


Waffles when served in a different style are sure to pique your interest and will remind you of the unforgettable taste!


Theme Wedding Cakes

Go for a mind-blowing theme wedding cake and set the tone of the evening!


These delectable food options are sure to swoon with sheer gastronomical ecstasy and its amazing presentation and delectable taste will give you a lot to remember!



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