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Corporate catering Tips to not break the bank!!

Planning and executing the catering for a corporate event can be quite a hassle. There’s always a choice to prepare the food yourself, if your event is relatively small, or pick up something prepared from the store. But the best way to cater for your next corporate event is to get a corporate caterer.

Corporate catering doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket, by being mindful and cutting costs wherever possible, it is possible to host your next event affordably. Getting the best caterer in Delhi gives you the benefit of savings on time, money, and effort. It guarantees that your spread will look the most professional and leave a positive impression on your attendees. And with our simple yet effective tips, we can guarantee you can achieve this greatness at an affordable price.


Opt for a cost-effective menu

The primary costs in any event catering go into the ingredients you choose for the cuisine you are planning to serve. Opting for a cuisine in which you can spread out your ingredients more freely allows you to cut costs while still maintaining flavor. A lot of Italian- themed cuisine and Indo-Chinese cuisine makes very good use of the ingredients presented.

These cuisines pump out very delicious food, are affordable, and can produce a very large variety. Having noodle or pasta dishes is also a good way to fill your attendees up while keeping costs low.


Go buffet over tray service

Another big cost in any corporate event is the labor cost in the form of service staff. A simple way you can avoid or at least minimize the service staff cost is to go buffet style with your food. This will minimize the number of service staff you need to serve your guests and your guests will serve themselves when they are ready. This also minimizes food waste as guests will be managing their serving sizes. Ask your caterer to set up the food by preparing pre-portioned, your buffet will look presentable and your attendees will help themselves.


Don't over or under-order!

Most event planners tend to over-order the food quantities, with a very logical rationale, what if there’s a shortage. While this thought process is sound, this can also cause a lot of food waste and with it shoot up the price of the event you want to cater. So it is key to discuss with your caterer and plan to not go over or under the amount you need. Trust in your caterer and order the precise amount that you will need. You'll be able to cut costs on the ingredients, the labor for preparing them, and the labor to serve them.


Communicate with your caterer

The most important out of any of these tips is to communicate with your caterer! Your caterer is the one who will be the one to save you the big bucks. Be open about your budgetary restrictions and ask your caterer for any tips or ideas that they can come up with. The best caterers will be able to provide you with a high-impact, low-cost menu that will amuse your guests while not going over your budget.

Working with a tight budget can be very limiting when you want your next corporate event to be a big success and you are trying to cut costs wherever possible. We hope the few tips that we have provided will help you in your next event. 

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