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Corporate Catering Ideas that WON’T burn through your wallet

Brainstorming your corporate catering ideas can be quite a challenge. You want to have great food at your event, but it's a Herculean task to cook it all yourself. Here's where corporate catering can come to the rescue.

Corporate Catering Ideas that WON’T burn through your wallet

When you just have to close that new merger, it's always better to let professional caterers handle the food, so you can handle the business. Apart from just cooking your food, a professional caterer will also deliver and set up the spread to be Pièce de Résitance. This will save you time, hassle, and face with your staff and any prospective business clients.

But how can you cater an event with the best budget and the best catering? Follow our simple tips and you too can keep your catering costs low with the best caterers in Delhi.


Get an Accurate Headcount

One of the most vital areas where you can greatly cut your costs is getting your caterer a very accurate headcount. It is always good to plan for contingencies, but a lot of times the contingencies are where the costs are hiding. So, plan out your guest list precisely and let your caterer know the exact number of guests to prepare for, with a little wiggle room.


Always go Buffet style

This is the simplest way for you to minimize costs. In a buffet, your guests can serve themselves and you'll need only a few attendants to refill the buffet as necessary. Labor costs will go down and guests will do their portion control.


Opt for an Open Catering policy venue

A lot of the in-house caterers in venues are very expensive and they do not allow outside vendors. There are a lot of venues that will allow corporate caterers in Delhi, leverage that. Bring in your caterer and you’ll easily be able to negotiate a price lower than the in-house catering. This also extends into bringing your alcohol. A lot of the best caterers in Delhi will supply you with alcohol as well as food. Limit your bar by selecting beers, wines, and no cocktails, your labor costs will reduce significantly.


Choose a Cost-Effective Menu

When discussing corporate catering ideas, the balance between fancy food and inexpensive food is very tricky. Corporate caterers in delhi will have a huge menu plan ready, but remember, Carbs are your Friends. Always include rice, noodle, or pasta dishes. They are an easy way to fill up guests' stomachs without emptying your wallet. Cuisines like Italian are excellent as they can use similar ingredients and cooking techniques and crank out multiple dishes.


Communicate with your Caterer

The most important thing is to talk to your caterer, they are key to your cost-saving endeavor. Always feel free to discuss with your caterers the best way that you can minimize costs. The best caterers in delhi will help you save costs because it can also help them save effort. Optimize your menu and your catering needs by openly communicating your budget with your caterer.

With these tips, your next corporate event is bound to be a great success. Start planning!

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