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#CateringTrends: Types of Salads to have on your Wedding Buffet

Salads are a vital part of any wedding buffet. The vibrant and colorful combination of salad ingredients can satisfy both your palate as well as your eyes. Since it is the first thing that gets served and attracts the attention of your guests, make sure you have a wide variety of salads on your wedding buffet. Salads are not just appeasing in look but also come packed with high nutritional value. Most of the salads are rich in fiber, multiple vitamins and are also quite rich in antioxidants. Now that there are so many salad dressings to pick from let us help you decide the best for your wedding. 


Types of Salads: Which one is the best for you?


Ambrosia Salad

A salad that has its roots in the United States, Ambrosia is a creamy salad that gets prepared using a wide variety of fruits. The main ingredients of Ambrosia salad are pineapple, marshmallows, coconut, mandarin oranges, and a lot of cherries cooked in a sour sauce and a whipped cream. 

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Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a famous salad from Mexico. Rich in taste as well as nutritional value, Caesar salad is a green salad, which makes for a popular choice of salad on your wedding buffet. Made using the richness of lettuce and croutons with the delightful dressing of olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, this salad is all you need for a perfect wedding buffet. 

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Garden Salad 

If you love salad filled with fresh veggies, Garden salad makes for a perfect choice of salad with classic dressing. Prepared using vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots, lettuce, Garden salad can be made with any vegetable of your choice.

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Russian Salad 

As the name suggests, Russian salad originated in Russia is another famous salad to have on your wedding buffet. This salad consists of diced potato, green peas, hard-boiled eggs, meat, and pickles. The dressing made with Mayonnaise makes this salad a perfect treat for all your guests. 

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Chicken Salad

The main ingredient in this salad is Chicken and is definitely the best salad to have for all non-vegetarian lovers. The style of this salad varies from one place to another. You can add ingredients you like and surely deserves a place on your wedding buffet.

Next time when you discuss your wedding menu with catering experts, make sure you add these salads to your wedding buffet and offer your guests with a healthy and nutritious feast. You can also book your wedding caterers in Delhi with our experts at GetYourMenu. We promise you amazing services and hassle-free experience.



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