Best Signature Cocktails to Have in Your Wedding this Winter Season

Weddings are always fun. When it comes to the wedding, not just a couple but others also want the festivities to begin as soon as possible. But to make your celebration even more exciting, you must add a signature drink to your wedding to serve your guests with something special and straight from your heart.

A signature drink makes for a perfect addition to your wedding banquet. It is also a quite easy and brilliant way to add your own created fancy drinks to your wedding menu. All you need to do is to come up with creative names and quirky recipes to serve your guests with delectable yet fanciful cocktails.


A punch of Champagne & Fruit 

If you are looking for a signature drink that tastes amazing and looks pleasant to the eyes, this cocktail is absolutely a perfect drink to serve. Just dip slices of soaked pieces of pears in the glass of champagne and you are good to go.

Cocktails Winter Season 1


Seventh Heaven Cocktail 

How about adding a retro drink to your wedding menu? This cocktail will make for a perfect drink with an amazing combination of gin accentuated with maraschino liqueur and grapefruit.

Cocktails Winter Season 2


Winter Sangria 

In case you are having your wedding in winter, Sangria is a clear winner. The perfect combination of rosemary sprig, traditional fruit, and spices make this drink ideal for winters. Your guests would surely love this signature cocktail.

Cocktails Winter Season 3


Pineapple Rum Tea Punch 

Serve your guests in style with this sparkling drink instead of old-fashioned champagne. To make them instantly grab the attention, put umbrella-shaped straws on the top and you are good to go.

Cocktails Winter Season 4


Black & White Martini

Ideal for wedding and reception ceremonies, black and white martini makes for an appealing and delectable drink for your guests this wedding season. Pop it up with black olives stirrers.

Cocktails Winter Season 5


Cranberry Spritzer 

It is a perfect drink for all and a wonderful option for those who don’t like to drink alcohol. So make sure you include Cranberry spritzer to your beverage list for your teetotaler guests.

Cocktails Winter Season 6


Blushing Kiss

This grapefruit gin martini will become the instant favorite of all your guests. It is a wonderful drink for a recently married couple and especially to drink right after the first kiss for the gorgeous bride and groom.

Cocktails Winter Season 7



The combination of rosemary and gin makes for a perfect drink and is the most delectable cocktail to serve this winter season. Simple yet sophisticated, this drink will truly impress your guests.

Cocktails Winter Season 8

So this wedding season, serve your guests with the best and above-listed quirky signature cocktail drinks to become the best host of the town. For more such amazing Cocktail Party Caterers in Delhi NCR, contact our experts at GetYourMenu.


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