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Best Catering Trends & Tips for Intimate Wedding

Wedding trends have changed, and they have changed drastically since COVID-19 has hit the country. From our lifestyle to how we celebrate, it has brought a difference to almost all aspects of our life. And this change can be seen in the wedding industry as well. From guest lists to wedding arrangements, a difference is visible at every part of the celebration. One such aspect that has been badly hit by the pandemic is catering services. Keeping this in mind, people are now adopting a sustainable approach when it comes to catering and are keeping hygiene at the utmost importance.

best catering trends & tips for intimate wedding

So if you are one of those people who wish to have sustainable catering at your wedding, we have some wonderful ideas for you:


Go for sit-down meals

If you would like to go for a conventional style, then the buffet would seem like the best pick while it is not. Buffet can put both guests and the serving staff at risk, which is something you must avoid at this wedding season. But worry not as we have a perfect alternative to the buffet which is sit-down meals. It is not only safe and but would also minimize the possibility of exposure. Sit-down meals are the best way to go about catering services if you are concerned about the safety and security of your guests.

Go for sit-down meals 1

Go for sit-down meals 2


Plan Plated Meals for small gathering size

Are you planning a party for 50 or fewer people? If yes, forget the buffet and go for plan plated meals. The best thing about going for plan plated meals is that it can be customized as per the taste of your client. As the gathering size is smaller, it would be easier for the host to serve the guests through the plan pleated meals. It would also help in maintaining social distancing while minimizing the risk of exposure.

 Plan Plated Meals for small gathering size 1

Serve your guests with refreshing drinks

Since serving liquor to guests might be restricted during intimate weddings, you can always go for serving your guests with delectable refreshing drinks. The team of GetYourMenu has expertise in preparing the best beverages that include both cocktails and mocktails. In the COVID-19 times or otherwise, you can also serve your guests with immunity-boosting drinks that are delicious yet refreshing.

Pay attention to sanitary requirements 

We cannot overlook the importance of hygiene and sanitization during COVID-19 and to maintain that it is vital to take all precautionary measures especially during the pandemic. All the serving staff and kitchen staff must wear gloves, shields, and masks to minimize the risk of getting affected.

To offer your guests top-notch security and services, you can contact our team at GetYourMenu. We have the best caterers in Delhi on board to maximize the safety and security of your guests. Our team takes all the precautionary measures and never fails to provide you with top-notch quality catering services and culinary experience.


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