All about Irresistible Mughlai Cuisines- Dishes You Must Have at your Wedding

As Indians, we are lucky to have a rich food culture. Different forms of cooking define different culinary styles. But amidst all the variations and diversity, one cuisine that has been most prevalent and favored is the Mughlai cuisine. All food lovers can swear by the finger-licking Mughlai dishes with biriyanis and polau and kababs and kormas dominating the festive menu charts. Mughlai cuisine has a legacy to defend and was brought to India by the Mughal emperors during the medieval era. The Mughlai cuisines are particularly savored in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and bear a strong Turkish and Persian cuisine influence.

Some popular Mughlai cuisines to must consider for your wedding

The range of Mughlai cuisines is overwhelming. These dishes are very spicy and flavourful. Cooking them involves lots of rich and handpicked ingredients that give them the desired taste and texture. The delectable variety of Mughlai dishes stand as proof of the dedication and hard work that goes into preparing them.


Anjeer Halwa


Boti Kabab


Chicken Pasanda




Kachri Keema


Kalimirch Chicken


Keema Matar