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A Guide to Putting A Stop To Food Wastage in Weddings

Indian Weddings are a lot of things. For some, it is a religious union or an extravagant celebration and for some, the fanciest and most elaborate dinner party they can ever throw. Whatever way you think about your wedding, you must be planning to give an amazing feast to your near and dear ones, family members, friends, and colleagues fêting you. While your intention is good and you would like to treat your guests with scrumptious food, you cannot ignore the growing concern regarding food wastage in Indian weddings. If your conscience doesn’t allow you to let this food go waste, here are a few things you can do to avoid wastage. 

Food Wastage Weddings


Choose a caterer and a venue carefully

Some many venues and caterers take leftover food-management seriously. If you have certain expectations about how scraps must be managed, you can share it with them and ask them to come up with a suitable plan to handle the same. Many caterers plan to take the food away and leave it to compost. 


Serve with biodegradable or compostable plates

Instead of serving food in heavy china plates or silverware, serve food in compostable and biodegradable plates. This will also encourage guests to take only that much food on their plates that they can enjoy and eat. 


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Redirect Food to Needy

These days, many caterers have tie-ups with NGOs. Once the wedding is complete and guests have eaten, NGOs are given a call and they come with their trucks to pick up leftover food which is immediately sent to places where underprivileged or poor community resides. This way, good use of food is assured and food wastage at weddings avoided. 


Be more accurate in your food preparation planning

We always want our guests to be well fed and this thinking leads us to prepare extra food which usually goes waste. Stop wedding food waste and be a little more mindful of waste control. There is no need to show and impress your guests with a flowing bounty. Serve them with love but only that much that they can eat and ask your caterers to plan accordingly.


Chuck Buffet System for Serving Option 

Buffet system is not only expensive but also responsible for a lot of food wastage. Catering staff is always monitoring buffet plates and keep refilling them through the dinner. Choosing a plated or serving option help reduce food wastage to a great extent. This also helps in stopping food waste at the wedding.


Pack Food for the Guests

This option needs a sea change in thinking before it can be applied to Indian weddings. Why not keep takeaway boxes (that can be recycled) ready and pack dinner leftovers with the guests? Many guests love to enjoy midnight snacks once they return to their hotel and this takeaway box will meet their gastronomic cravings. This way, you can make optimal use of the wedding waste food feast.


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Food to be served to hotel and catering staff

 Why allow the food that was so lovingly and carefully prepared to go waste? Why not ask your catering and venue staff to enjoy leftover food and do justice to the royal feast you served to your guests. 

 These tips are surely going to answer your question- how to save food waste at the wedding. Try to implement at least a couple of ideas, to begin with, and take an initiative to stop wastage of food. 


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