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Elegant and Ethereal Wedding Cake Designs for 2023

Choosing a wedding cake can be an arduous task for many couples. With so many options to choose from, narrowing down the list is a Herculean task. Do you go for a sleek and elegant cake, or do you go out of the box crazy with the most outlandish cake? We have a list that can help you narrow down your wedding cake design. A perfectly collated list of the most elegant, ethereal and up and coming wedding cake designs for 2023, your perfect day's cake will reflect the class and grace that you deserve.

So browse through and we hope we can spark your creativity so that you choose the wedding cake that best represents you!

This tipsy topsy red and white rose accented cake is the best fit for your nature-loving quirky personality.

A rustic lightly creamed cake with green and floral designs to invoke the feelings of new leaves of spring.

Why have a cheesecake when you can have a ‘cheese’ cake! This stacked block of cheese with the rustic display will give your wedding a rugged but graceful vibe.

Ever wanted to feel like Jasmine from Aladdin? Then let this cake make your wish come true!

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This cake with its black-centered white roses and rugged burnt paper base design will surely draw the eyes of the crowd.

For your inner steampunk goth self, this cake very elegantly marries the quiet beauty of slightly faded flowers with the sheer vibrance of a white fondant cake

If you love flowers and floral themes, why not inculcate them into your wedding cake like this!

Going retro with simple old-school neon colors doesn't seem like a bad idea here


If your love is stronger than the multiverse, showcase that with this eerie crystal-laden cake.

Feel like going out of the box, then this disproportionate cake will easily reflect your quirky vibe


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A classy pink cake with pink roses very gracefully showcases the tender love you and your spouse feel for each other

Let your wedding cake also be a part of the wonderful magical woods with this gorgeous cake

             This intricately designed cake is sure to help you connect to your roots and have your guests in awe.

The citrus freshness of this cake is almost palpable enough to make you salivate

Travel into the unusual world of Lemony Snickets with this almost galaxy floral cake.

Bring forward the regal elegance with a simple yet beautifully decorated white cream cake

If you are having an autumn wedding and want the theme to resonate in your wedding cake as well, this is the cake for you.

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