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9 Must-have Delicacies for a Delicious Muslim Wedding Food Menu

Done prepping for the Nikaah and other important Muslim wedding ceremonies? But have you decided on the wedding menu yet?

We can understand selecting the dishes from the pool of delicacies is not a piece of cake. It involves lots of confusion and commotion as to what delicacies you must pick and what not to pick. So to save you from the hassle of spending too much time finalizing the menu, Getyourmenu presents you with some delectable delicacies that you must have on your Muslim wedding food menu list.

Scroll down to check out the mouth-watering Muslim wedding menu we have curated for your wedding this season:


Roasted Chicken

This juicy, delicious and mouth-watering delicacy will become an instant favorite among your guests. Just bring it on to the table and see the reactions!

Roasted Chicken - Muslim Wedding Food Menu



Be it Shami Kebab or Galouti Kebab, nothing can match the taste and charm these kebabs brings on to the platter. Make it a part of the main course or snacks; the choice is yours.

Kebab - Muslim Wedding Food Menu


Fish Fry

A perfect crunchy and healthy appetizer to serve your guests, the fish fry is prepared using salmon or semolina. It is one of the most sought after recipe in Indian non-veg wedding menu.

Fish Fry - Muslim Wedding Food Menu



A mildly sweet or saffron-flavored naan, Sheermal goes well with gravy dishes and all tandoori appetizers. Being one of the most popular dishes of Awadhi cuisine, Sheermal always makes for the top choice in Muslim weddings food menu.

Sheermal - Muslim Wedding Food Menu

Mutton Rogan Josh

Straight from the valley of Kashmir, this creamy, meaty and hearty curry Mutton Rogan Josh never fails to win hearts and would surely win hearts with its lip-smacking taste.

Chicken Korma

This light and flavorful Indian cuisine is basically an almond curry with an interesting punch of Indian flavors. It is one delicious dish that you must add to your Muslim wedding food menu list this wedding season.

Mutton Biryani

A delicious dish prepared using lamb meat, herbs, spices and yogurt, Mutton biryani is a royal dish with layers of biryani rice garnished with tender and juicy mutton pieces and masalas.

Chicken Biryani

This dish is absolute bliss and would leave your guests spell-bind with its interesting flavors and exotic taste. So don’t wait and add this flavorful dish to your Muslim food wedding menu to serve your guests in style.


Zarda is a savory dish that is prepared by sweetening the rice and adding saffron to it to enjoy the exotic flavor. This dish later gets garnished with nuts like cashew, raisins, and coconut and makes for a perfect delicacy to serve in Muslim weddings.


A sweet dish which is mostly available in winters, Gajrela gets prepared using carrot, milk, water and sugar. This dish is also widely known as Gajar ka Halwa and Gajar Pak in other regions.

Now that you know the delicacies you wish to add to your wedding menu, visit us at Getyourmenu - #1 Wedding Caterers in Delhi and create your own customize menu. Just pick the dishes you want, add them to your cart and checkout. Our experts will contact you to provide you with further assistance.


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