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6 Non-Messy Food Ideas for Pre-Wedding Pool Party

It is always a great idea to throw a pre-wedding pool party for friends and dear ones. Wedding arrangements are always elaborate. Hence it is good to kick start the upcoming set of events with an informal, fun-filled pool party. It also sets the stage for all the wedding happenings that are about to start. While arranging a pool party it is very crucial to decide the food to be served to the guests. Guests will surely be there to enjoy, but they would love to taste something new and yummy. But, for pool parties, one should always go for non-messy foods.


We have listed down some interesting non-messy food ideas to include to your pre-wedding pool parties:


Potato fries or baked fries

These food items happen to be favorite with all, be it grown-ups or kids, and thus can be very much included in the pool party menu. These are fuss-free food that is enjoyed by guests.

Food Ideas Pre-Wedding Pool Party 1


Hot dogs

Hot dogs are also a very delectable choice for pool parties. They can be served in small sizes with different types of fillings and sauces, keeping in the likings of the guests.

Food Ideas Pre-Wedding Pool Party 2



This is the ultimate saviour when it comes to non-messy food options while hosting informal pre-wedding pool parties. Just include pizzas on the menu, and the guests will be delighted.

Food Ideas Pre-Wedding Pool Party 3


Mini burgers

Bite size mini burgers can also be a wonderful choice when it comes to non-messy foods for pool parties. The guests will be happy to see something tasty and filing to continue the enjoyment longer.

Food Ideas Pre-Wedding Pool Party 4



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