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6 Adorable Ideas For Your Dessert Table!

A wedding is an occasion that is incomplete without lots of sweet treats. Be it cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, or even candy, the dessert table is the go-to place for a lot of guests. And if your guests have taken time out to attend this special occasion, why not do something special for them?

Here are six adorable ideas for desserts at your wedding. You are bound to fall in love with each one of them, and at Getyourmenu.in , we will help you make the perfect choice. So read on!

A themed table

You can pick a pastel color scheme, or pick a city as your theme. The most popular is, of course, Paris! A pastel theme means you can get pastel tablecloths, use pastel flowers as table décor and even go for cakes, pastries or cupcakes that follow your theme. There are a ton of props available to match with whatever theme you choose.

Bell jars

Bell jars are reminiscent of the Beauty and the Beast. So it is no wonder that these décor items are often used for weddings. You can use wooden stands of varying heights in order to create a series of displays for your dessert. Candy and macaroons are the perfect choices for this dessert table setting. You can also go for different shaped transparent glass jars, which are big enough to hold a lot of candy.

Focus on the chocolate

If you’d rather forget everything else and focus on one important thing, we have just the recommendation for you! A chocolate fountain is fun, delicious and a quite a unique idea for a wedding. You can include accompaniments such as strawberries, pineapples or other seasonal fruits, cake pieces, brownies and even marshmallows. And if you are worried about stains, you can get customized bibs with your wedding hashtag! It works as a keepsake and protects everyone’s expensive outfits.

Gelato delight

The idea for a gelato or ice cream dessert table is best for summer weddings. This will not onlybeat the heat but also be a fun treat for the guests! We recommend getting cone covers customized for your guests beforehand. You can have a couple of people serving the guests and instead of an actual table,you can go for a proper ice cream counter with a variety of choices!

Floral and rustic

There is nothing as charming as a combination of rustic and floral. We love the idea of using wooden cake stands, old logs, and chalkboards as a means of decorating the dessert table. You can also use old wooden trunks, barrels to display your choice of desserts. If it is a day wedding, you can also have giant gars of lemonade or other refreshing drinks!

A fairytale cake table

We know that not everyone wants a table dedicated to dessert. We have the perfect idea for such couples as well. Well, if you are going to cut a wedding cake, then why not decorate the cake table? You can get fairy lights fitted under the table and then surrounded it with tulle to turn it into a fairytale cake table.

At Getyourmenu.in , we help couples make their dream weddings come true, even if that includes a giant chocolate fountain!


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