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5 wedding catering tips to keep your catering expenses low

As we all know that your wedding is the biggest occasion of your life with a new journey awaiting you – one that is filled with hope, expectations and fun.

To make the event memorable, it is typical to go over-board and spend more than your budget – this is how it happens at most marriages in India. But, as a part of the millennial generation, where smart living is the way of life, you need to be smart with managing your wedding expenses too.

The venue and the catering costs take up the maximum percentage of your budget. However, if you pay attention to minute details, there are several options to save a good amount of money on wedding catering services: that too without comprising on the taste of the delicacies.

Specialists agree that if the bride and the groom plan well by smartly choosing a menu that tickles the taste buds of their guest without the typical fanfare and opulence, they can keep their catering costs within their budget.

Want to save your money on catering costs? Yes, then follow these wedding catering tips to save money on wedding catering without sacrificing taste or spread.

5 wedding catering tips to keep your catering expenses low


Research in-depth and negotiate well

If you have the mindset to look at the best offers and in order to access such offers, you must look around and make it a point to attend numerous wedding shows and expos in nearby areas. If you are ready to investigate and research, then the cost-cutting exercise will surely bear fruit. You also get the chance to get in touch with some of the best wedding caterers in Delhi and your areaAt wedding expos, you get the chance to meet the leading caterers and speak to them on one-to-one basis for profitable outcomes. You can meet the top management and negotiate with them, take advantage of special discounts being offered by them and more.


Choose the menu smartly

If you want to save money, then you should select a relevant menu with appropriate dishes. Check the rates thoroughly before selecting. Check the costs of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with the availability of appetizers and sweet dishes. If the menu has its own in-house caterers and permits outside caterer, compare the rates of both parties. Go in for a venue that permits you to get your own wedding catering services in Delhi.


Plated dinners cost more

Select the buffet option instead of sitting down full-plated wedding catering services. In the buffet spread, keep a balance of starters, veg and non-veg dishes and desserts. No need to go over-board with any of the sections. Keep it simple and minimalistic.


Choose a working day as your wedding day

This is the best way to avoid crowded weddings. On working days, limited number of guests attend the party. This automatically helps you save handsome amount of money.


Ask the wedding caterer in Delhi to use disposable items 

A generous amount of your budget goes down the drain in catering expenses that include the silverware and dinnerware costs. To avoid this, use substitute disposable plates and tableware items that are eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly.


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