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5 Wedding Catering Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

If your wedding date has been finalized and you are looking for a wedding caterer, you must keep a few things in mind. Catering is one of the most important and integral elements of a wedding. People always remember weddings that were the best or the worst in terms of catering. Here, we bring you the best wedding catering tips and mistakes that must be avoided to make your wedding a dreamy affair. 

Wedding Catering Mistakes 1


Tip and Mistake 1

Tip- Cocktail Hour is the most important and looked forward to event at any wedding. Ask your wedding caterers in Delhi to ensure an unending flow of drinks and people are meeting and greeting everyone. This is the time when people need the conversation to go on and there must be enough food along with drinks to make cocktail hour successful. 


Mistake- Many caterers commit the mistake of not having enough food to be served with cocktails and this results in either stilted communication or drunken guests and both situations are not right. Have something crunchy and refreshing that ensures complete enjoyment. 


Tip and Mistake 2

Tip- We understands that wedding is one of the most important and special days of your life but when planning the wedding menu, you need to consider the needs and food choices of your guests invited to grace the occasion. Add dishes keeping in mind people who are lactose intolerant, vegans, vegetarians, kids, diabetics and more.


Mistake- Do not plan your wedding menu as per your food choices but try to strike a balance and add dishes that are popular and appealing to all. Avoid leaving a very bad impression on them by making wrong menu choices. 


Tip and Mistake 3

Tip- There is no point sticking to a default menu. Choose the best caterer, ask him about the latest wedding catering trends and choose cuisines that are hot and happening and are sure to be loved by the guests and large. Try to find a balance and do not alienate anyone’s taste buds. Thus, being creative and innovative is the key here.


Mistake- Avoid going for a generic menu and adding dishes that are not proper as per weather or not as per guests’ palate. 


Tip and Mistake 4

Tip- Create a menu that has dishes using seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. Many times, people go for pricey ingredients to be used in luxurious main courses thus driving up their budget. The same dishes can still be served but by making smart choices. Instead of using pricey ingredients in main courses, use them for hors d'oeuvres which will use limited quantities. 


Mistake- Ask your wedding catering services in Delhi to avoid using expensive ingredients and fruits and veggies for main course dishes. Instead, use them for starters and hors d'oeuvres and keep your budget well in line. 


Tip and Mistake 5

Tip- Go for a family-style, sit-down dinner as it imparts a personal and refined look. It may require more staff to serve the guests’, but it helps evening go off smoothly. 


Mistake- Buffets are soon going to go out of fashion as it looks impersonal and results in a lot of food wastage. Replacing buffet with a sit-down dinner can help curb the menace of food wastage at weddings

Keeping these tips in mind and avoiding the mistakes can help you organise the best wedding catering for your guests. 


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