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5 Purely Vegetarian Appetizers for Your Mehndi

Serving the guests with inviting and lip-smacking appetizers is a must to set the perfect party ambiance. The same applies to occasions like Mehndi. Starting the food menu with carefully portioned appetizers will surely appeal to the house of guests. You just need to be a little creative and come up with appetizers that are tasteful and impress your guests’ right after the first bite.


Here are some exciting and alluring ideas for appetizers to be served in mehndi:-


Corn and Cheese Balls

The combination of corn and cheese always rocks. These seep-fried corn and cheese balls will surely prove to be a cool idea for great appetizer. The serving portion must be kept perfect to just tingle the taste buds of the guests.

Vegetarian Appetizers Mehndi 1


Cheese Garlic Bread

This is yet another great appetizer to be added to the list of irresistible Mehndi cuisines. The crispy and crunchy nicely flavored cheesy garlic bread is sure to be devoured by all present for the occasion.

Vegetarian Appetizers Mehndi 2


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Red lentil and Potato Fritter

This is a delicious pure vegetarian appetizer that is perfect to set the party mood of your guests attending the Mehndi. Made of lentils and potato, these are shaped like pancakes and are ideal finger food.

Vegetarian Appetizers Mehndi 3

Vegetable Spring Roll

Crispy and yummy, vegetable spring rolls are also a popular option to add as a welcoming appetizer. Filled with a variety of seasonal vegetables, these golden-brown fried spring rolls are sure to add uniqueness to the overall menu.

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Almond and Oats Balls

Healthy and filled with loads of goodness, this will be an ideal appetizer to serve at your Mehndi. The idea will be very fresh and different and guests will also love to bite on something healthy yet appealing.

So, just choose any or all of the above-listed appetizers to be included in your Mehndi menu and let the party unravel itself. You can also book GetYourMenu, which is the best caterers in Delhi/NCR and would surely serve your guests with the best of cuisines and delicacies.


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