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5 Exclusive Food Items for a Remarkable Weddings Menu

Weddings have now become extravagant affairs and food is an integral part of overall arrangements. Having the perfect menu is a big challenge. Adding some new and unique food items in the wedding menu is a delightful idea. There are many different but wonderful delicacies that can help a couple to have a simple yet delicious wedding menu.

Here are some of the unique food items that can be included in the wedding menu:-


Kathi Rolls

Including mouth-watering Kathi Rolls in the wedding menu can turn out to be a distinctive idea. Serving hot and succulent Kathi Rolls with a variety of exotic combinations of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings can be enjoyed with complimentary dips and chutneys. Guests will simply love to indulge in the rich taste of Kathi rolls.

Food Items Weddings Menu 1


Sushi and Sashimi

Nothing can match with the freshness of Sushi and Sashimi that can be prepared right at the wedding venue. There has been a noticeable shift in food preference towards Japanese food and having a live counter preparing a variety of delicious and alluring sushi and sashimi can be a worthy experiment to try out.

Food Items Weddings Menu 2


Fritter Buckets

Fritters are all-time favorites. Right from children to adults, they are tempting for all. Thus, adding different types of fritters and presenting them in a hassle-free style can add a much-needed twist to the wedding menu.

Food Items Weddings Menu 3



Instead of sticking to the familiar dessert that is generally served at every wedding, adding eye-catching, colorful macarons can impart uniqueness to the overall wedding menu. Adding different flavors of macarons can turn out to be a pleasant surprise for guests of all ages.

Food Items Weddings Menu 4


Gourmet Mithai

No Indian occasion is complete without sweets and the same goes for weddings. Let the guests be happily tricked with gourmet mithai like Anjeer halwa or Chocolate Motichoor Laddoo. The exclusiveness in taste will leave the guests overwhelmed.

Food Items Weddings Menu 5

So, just select any of the above given unique food items to pamper your invitees at the wedding.


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