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5 Economical Wedding Reception Food Menu & Ideas to manage wedding reception budget

Weddings are a milestone where you and your loved ones come together to witness this beautiful moment. You always tend to call only close relatives and friends for your wedding while the others join you for the wedding reception. Wedding reception is still relaxing for the couples as you do not have any rituals to perform. You can meet all your friends and relatives and seek their blessing.

Hosting a wedding event along with a pre and post ceremony gets a little expensive and on your reception day, the majority guest joins you. You may worry about what food to serve at a wedding reception and the costs it incurs.

Wondering how to cut down costing at your wedding reception? We bring you wedding reception food menu and ideas you may serve without burning a hole in your pocket.

wedding reception budget


Lock Away the Booze

Keeping cocktails in your wedding reception openly will incur you the maximum costs. It is nowhere written that you must serve alcohol in your wedding. For Indian weddings, keeping alcohol is prohibited on that auspicious day. You probably must have had a cocktail or a bachelorette party for your friends. 


Set up your Bar menu

For those who still want to have a cocktail night at your reception you may still find a way to cut down the costs. Planning your drink menu ideas for a wedding will give you an upper hand. Give strict instructions to the bartender to only serve what is on the menu and not to serve the children. You may serve popular cocktail and mocktails recipes rather than serving neat glasses, Patiala’s or bottles to guests.


Serve Bar Snacks

Don’t break out the serious appetizers until guests are seated for dinner, or at least in the room where dinner will be served. You may rather serve guests with bite size bar snacks with alcohol, which would result in less consumption during the official appetizer round.


Avoid pass around snacks

Although it is a trendy way to serve your guests with server’s walking through the crowd and serving individually but it is an expensive affair. Although buffet style might incur in more consumption of food but then it would be still relatively cheaper. Those servers need to be paid, and passed apps tend to be pricier since they’re made from more expensive ingredients and require more prep.


Include Mini Food

The Internet is trending with mini food ideas so why not implement that on your wedding reception food menu. Mini foods are a great way to cut down the costing as well as food wastage. We see people like to try everything which is being served but then end up wasting so much on their plate. Mini food will give them a chance to try everything without wasting much food. Isn’t it a great idea and something new to surprise your guests with?

Food and drink costs are sure to account for a significant share of your wedding reception budget.

Hope this reception budget idea helps you to manage your expenses without compromising much. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone tell you that the wedding of your dreams is destined to morph into a budget-busting nightmare.


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