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5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Wedding Food Costs

Wedding catering costs can exhaust your wedding budget if not planned well. But there are many ways to help you have a spectacular reception while cutting down your wedding cost at the same time. Believe us, it is possible to plan and have the most beautiful and memorable wedding without having to break your bank.

5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Wedding Food Costs


Here are some amazing ideas on how to cut down on your wedding food costs: 


Set a budget

Planning a budget is a first and foremost thing that you must do as a couple. Also, be realistic and discuss how much you both can invest in the catering. We suggest you make the decision based on how much you have now, not how much you will have by the time of the wedding.


Be Flexible with the wedding date 

If you want to save big at your wedding, we suggest you avoid to pick peak season for the wedding. Picking your wedding date in the offseason would help you get better deals from the suppliers and vendors, such as caterers. It will allow you to get catering services at more affordable rates.


Limit the number of guests

Nobody likes the lengthy discussions as to who should you include in the guests' list or who to cross off your list. However, it is essential to do so. Each guest on the list would add to your overall expense, including food costs. Another great way to cut down the expenses is to keep the list of colleagues to the minimum.


Pick the menu carefully

It is another crucial point to cut down the food cost. Pick the wedding menu wisely. Eliminating all the fancy stuff like a cheese platter or other fancy bites would also help you save big on your wedding food cost.


Go for seasonal produce

Rather than going for delicacies that require offseason vegetables or produces, you must go for seasonal produce that is not just healthy but readily available and affordable also.


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