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36 Navratri Special Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss this Festive Season

The nine nights Navratri festival is back and so is the fun accompanying it. The word Navratri has a peculiar meaning where Nav means nine and ratri means nights in Sanskrit. The festival of lights, colors, dandiya raas and music, if there’s any festival that soar our energy level; it’s Navratri.

To make this Navratri even more special, here we present you a wide variety of Navratri snacks, main course meals, desserts and dips to satiate your taste buds during 9 days of fasting.


Navratri Snacks


Arbi Cutlet Recipe (Spiced Colocasia Patties)

This crispy and delicious golden brown patty is the perfect navratri breakfast snack for a healthy start. This dish is not just healthy but is ideal for fasting also.

For recipe: Arbi Cutlet Recipe

Navratri Special Dishes 1 


Farali Dhokla - Kuttu Ka Dhokla

Farali also known as Vrat ka Dhokla is an Indian vegan snack that can be consumed in vrat as well. Made from Buckwheat flour, this snack is perfect to add to your Navratri food menu.

 Navratri Special Dishes 2


Makhana Aloo Tikki

Another interesting delicacy to try this navratri season is Makhana Aloo Tikki. You can check out the recipe online; this dish is also very easy to make.

 Navratri Special Dishes 3



Sabudana Tikki

Sabudana tikki, also known as Sago cutlet is our personal favorite. This crispy and cruncy  snack is another perfect navratri snack to have during fasting.

 Navratri Special Dishes 4


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