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25 Cocktail Foods Served at Weddings

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without finger-licking, mouth-watering cocktail foods served in utmost style and aplomb. In fact, it is not uncommon to find guests making a beeline towards cocktail food counters looking for something sweet, spicy or savoury to tickle their taste buds even before they meet the hosts and bless the couple. Here, we have curated a list of some of the most delectable cocktail foods that must be added to your menu to make it more interesting, colourful and delicious.


A feast for the chat lovers

Some crispy papdi, with fresh curd, salt, red pepper powder, cumin powder, imli chutney, coriander chutney and seb generously sprinkled over it is enough to make your mouth water.



Pani Poori with amazing variants

Pani Poori is another unforgettable option that you must add to your cocktail wedding menu. You can experiment with diverse flavours and serve alcoholic pani pooris.


Aloo Tikki

Golden -brown aloo tikkis served with steaming hot chholes, finely cut onions, green chillies and tomatoes, coriander and imli chutney


Mini Veg Samosa

The taste of these samosas is such that you cannot resist yourself and will end up having more than one. These tiny dumplings filled with paneer, spicy noodles, aloo, or non-veg options like minced chicken or mutton served with imli and coriander chutney is a must-have option.

Assorted Vegetable Fritters

If you are planning your wedding in winters, serve spicy-hot vegetable pakoras with chutneys.

Chilli Paneer

If you relish Chinese cuisine, you can add Chilli paneer to your list of dishes to be served in the wedding. Spicy and succulent paneer is sure to suit your palate.

Naram Dil Vegetable Kebab

Serve vegetable kebabs with cheese filling accompanies with spicy chutneys.

Dahi ki Shole

Small patties filled with dahi are also a great choice to be served as cocktail food.

Cashew Rolls

Serve hot potato croquettes covered with cashew nuts that goes pretty well with cocktails.

Nawabi pista rolls

Golden fried wraps filled with spiced and cut pista and served with sweet chutney

Phyllo Cups

Pastry cups in bite size filled with choicest fillings

Paneer Satay

Grilled and marinated cottage cube pieces, char grilled and flavoured with saffron

Paneer Masala Fingers

Spiced and golden fried cottage cheese fingers.

Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom

Mushrooms heads delicately filled with crushed nuts and cottage cheese, grilled over tandoor

Dahi Sufiyana Kebab

Potato medallions deep fried flavoured with fennel and yoghurt

Kachhe Kele Ke Kebab

Seasoned and mashed raw banana patties seasoned with spices

Bhutte Ke Cutlet

Seasoned and mashed corn kernel patties


Channa Jor Garam, kurkuti bhindi, sukha bhel or any other suitable filling in a cone

Achari Fish Tikka

Fish marinated in pickle and cooked over charcoal fire

Shrimp Lollipop

Seasoned and minced shrimp balls served on a stick

Fish Amritsari

Caraway seeds flavored fish batter fried

Murgh Badami Seekh

Minced and seasoned chicken coated with almond pieces and skewer grilled

Murgh Lasooni Tikka

Chicken kebab flavored with garlic cooked in clay oven

Noorani Mel-Jol

Minced lamb and chicken cooked in a clay oven on a skewer

Every Indian love nibbling on savoury and spicy food from time to time. It has always been a quintessential part of Indian palate. The cocktail food option listed above are sure to tickle the taste buds and leave the guests asking for more. The feast must go on with these scrumptious food options!


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