20 Best , Fun & Delicious Food Menu Items for Mehndi Ceremony ( Updated 2021)

Mehendi is one event you can go crazy with when it comes to food and innovative ideas. It’s time to show your quirky and millennial side with the food menu at one of the most fun functions of your wedding saga - the mehndi madness.

To spice up your mehendi with delicious food & cuisines we've curated the best food menu for mehndi ceremony that will be a finger-licking treat.So we made a list of the coolest, yummiest food ideas for 2021 mehendis.


Jalapenos Cheese Poppers

Who doesn't love cheese? Everyone does ! Add a spicy twist to it with jalapenos and this recipe would be a winner specially for winters. Crispy, spicy, and cheesy jalapeño poppers are a very popular appetizer and are the best food menu for mehndi ceremony. These bite-sized treats will bring glory to your table without much trouble and can be perfectly paired with some soft drinks & cocktails. Crunchy on the outside, spicy on the inside with melting cheese , this comfort food is easy to make and easy to eat- just POP!



Fries In A Jar

Fries define comfort food for so many of us, but you know what’s better than fries? CHEESY FRIES! They are like a god-sent combination of our two favourite things. Served in a classic jar , the fries are crinkle cut and slathered with their freshly made cheese sauce crisped to perfection, topped with delicious stringy cheese. These sticks of perfection are a must-try which definitely tops our list of best food items for mehndi ceremony.



Nachos Wonton Cups

The perfect Tex-Mex appetizer! We know nachos chaat can be messy to eat but trust us when we say that this recipe is super easy, delicious and aesthetically pleasing. Delicious nacho toppings served in bite-size crispy cups and baked in a mini-muffin pan. We are sure your friends and family will love it.



Mini Masala Uttapams

What tastes better than mini idlis- Its Mini Masala Uttapams! Everyone loves southy food and for all the right reasons . The wedding caterers in Delhi are definitely adding these to the menu as they are easy to make, very light and super healthy. These savory pancakes can be served with many variants like cheesy, onion , tomato or veggie with the famous coconut chutney and spicy garlic chutney.



Waffles Pops

Waffles Pops are perfect to serve up for a gluten-free treat that tastes just as delicious as they look. With minimal prep work and ingredients, this dish makes for a win-win dessert everybody can enjoy! Waffle pops are a cinch to make and are super delicious. Save the kheer, gulab jamuns, and halwas for the wedding menu. Surprise your guests with waffles on a stick!