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11 Must-have Non-Vegetarian Recipes in the Indian Food Menu

Indian Weddings are all about a lot of fun, joy, laughter, music, dance, colour, and most important of all, good food. This is an occasion when two souls come together in holy matrimony, near and dear ones come together and give blessings to the couple. This is also an occasion when people go all out with celebrations and indulgences. The wedding menu is painstakingly created and is loaded with a delectable range of scrumptious foods.

If you are planning to add lip-smacking non-veg dishes for Indian weddings, here we help you make it a meaty affair. We bring you the finest selection of non-veg dishes with unique, but awesome lip-smacking flavours. Food fanatics are going to love this delicious spread and remember the wedding for a long time, albeit for several reasons, with food taking the top slot. 


Grilled Chicken Escalope

It is a delightful chicken dish that is served with fresh salsa. Marinated in Indian spices, it is grilled and perfected over the skillets until ready. Served with cherry tomatoes and spring onion garnishes, it goes well with a fresh salsa of grapes.

Non-Vegetarian Indian Food Menu 1


Pork Ribs

It is another delicacy that is sure to leave your taste buds tingling with a blend of amazing Indian spices. Its flavor is quite pronounced and is made with a rum-based cocktail. The ginger paste added to the dish adds a delightful edge to it. 

Non-Vegetarian Indian Food Menu 2


Mutton Korma

It is a traditional Indian dish where meat curry is painstakingly prepared infused with flavours of ginger-garlic paste, curd, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and cloves. The blend of these spices and ingredients brings adds a subtle edge to it. It can be enjoyed with Indian bread or pulao. 

Non-Vegetarian Indian Food Menu 3


Malabar Fish Biryani

It is an all-time favourite for fish-lovers who love flavourful masalas or spices in their food. It is prepared using traditional cooking style and charms the guests with its delectable charm. 

Non-Vegetarian Indian Food Menu 4

Tandoori Lamb Chops

This is another of the long list of traditional Indian non-veg dishes. Lamb chops are marinated in flavor-rich Indian masalas and strained yogurt. It is then cooked on a low flame until it is juicy and tender. It is sure to leave your guests asking for more. 

Parmesan Fish Fingers

This is a unique dish where long-cut fish pieces are wrapped in batter and fried till golden in colour and crispy. It is a perfect appetizer that can be served with mustard or mayo sauce and ketchup. 

Keema Samosas

This is another dish that can be served along with cocktails. It has a unique Punjabi flavor with mini samosas made up of dough pockets with keema masala stuffing. It is a fried dish that goes well with green chutney, hung card dip, and ketchup. 

Chicken 65

It is an awesome South Indian non-veg dish that has unique flavours. It is made up of deep-fried succulent pieces of chicken and is replete with spices, chilies, garlic, and ginger. Originated from Tamil Nadu, this dish is majorly liked for its rich blend of spices that comes together to create a unique flavor.

Nihari Gosht

How can be an Indian wedding serving non-veg fare be complete without serving Nihari Gosht, a traditional Mughlai dish originated in Awadhi Rasoi of Lucknow. It is a mutton stew, cooked on a low flame. Brilliant flavours and a dash of rose water to twist its flavor makes it one of the most sought-after delicacies. 

Prawn Curry

Seafood lovers are sure to love this Goan dish served with raw mango flavours. Luscious and juicy prawns are enveloped in myriad flavours and cooked till perfect. It is a delectable Goan dish that can be enjoyed with steam cooked rice. 

Butter Chicken

It is a classic chicken dish that never fails to evoke amazing emotions among chicken lovers. It is one of the most popular Indian non-veg dishes that is prepared in multiple styles, each unique in the way flavours are used to bring an edge to this delicacy. The rich, creamy chicken seems to melt in the mouth and leaves an amazing after taste for a long time to be savoured and enjoyed.

When coming up with the non-veg wedding food menu, do not forget to add any of these scrumptious and mouth-watering dishes in your elaborate spread. 


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