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100+ Delicacies for the Delightful Holi Celebration

A time of the year, when the most played song is “Rang Barse” sung by Amitabh Bachchan at every nook and corner, Holi is indeed the best festival celebrated in India. The festival that brings immense joy to our lives and fills it with color and energy, Holi is indeed one such festival that can help you to unwind quite right. As festivity in India brings you a perfect opportunity to engage yourself in some fantastic feast, here we are listing down 100 sumptuous delicacies to add to your Holi party menu.


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Aloo Chat Tikki

A popular North Indian, Aloo Chat Tikki is loved by all. The tempting flavors of various chutneys used to prepare the dish makes it absolutely worth to have it on your Holi party menu. As it is also quite light on stomach, your guests would love trying it.


Baby Corn Manchurian

You can’t keep away yourself from trying this amazing Chinese delicacy. The flavors of corn and vegetables add richness to the dish and taste amazing if served hot. It is also one of the most liked Chinese delicacies among kids.


Badam ki kheer

If you want to keep desserts in your menu, Badam ki kheer would make the best choice as it is extremely refreshing and would help your guests keep cool during the summers. Serve it post lunch or along with appetizers; the choice is all yours.


Bajre Ka Halwa

Bajre ka Halwa is one of the healthiest snacks you’ll have to add to your menu. Bajra provides your body with adequate amount of nutrition and is the best dessert to add to your Holi menu. Your guests will definitely love trying this flavorsome dessert.



Our personal favorite, Balushahi is a dessert to drool over. The soothing flavors taste just perfect and the way it melts in your mouth right after the first bite makes it the must-have traditional delicacy to add to your holy party menu.


Made of sweet thickened milk with the pinch of cardamom and nutmeg, this delicious dessert prepared using milk is highly popular in the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat. Your guests would definitely love this flavorful delicacy.

Bedmi Poori

A famous breakfast delicacy mostly found in the streets of Delhi, Bedmi Poori is all you need to serve your guests with the delightful feast. Also known as Urad dal poori, Bedmi poori can be your go to dish for fantastic Holi celebration.


Beetroot Halwa

Who doesn’t know the benefits of including beetroot in the diet? This delicious and creamy delight will surely win hearts of your guests. Though the dish is a bit unconventional, it will surely catch eyes at the celebration.

Besan ka Halwa

Besan ka halwa is another authentic Indian delicacy that should definitely have on your party menu. Prepared after roasting besan or gram flour, besan ka halwa is a delightful delicacy that you must try.

Besan Laddoo

If you are thinking of packing sweets in gift hampers for your guests, besan laddoos make for a perfect choice. Delicious in taste, these besan laddoos would make you fall in love with them.


A hugely popular snack among Maharashtrians, Bhakarwadi is the best snack to present to your guests. This crispy and crunchy snack is all you need to serve our guests along with tea or coffee.


Bhang Pakora

If you are organizing a holi party, having bhang pakoras on the menu is mandatory. After all, celebrating holi without dishes prepared with bhang is absolutely No! These pakoras are prepared using bhang seeds, ajwain seeds, and gram flour.

Bhel Puri

This savoury snack is the best to help your guests munch on the go. Easy to grab and prepare, bhel puri is all you need to let your guests enjoy the perfect mix of spices and chutneys. It is also one of the popular street foods and is easily available at every corner in North Indian cities.

Big Sprouts & corn chatpata

A healthy snack and the best morning breakfast, big sprouts served along with corn chatpata are perfect to help your guests stay fit and healthy. Your guests would totally love this snack.

Cashew Murukku

As the name suggests, a popular South Indian snack, Cashew Murukku is prepared using cashew and rice flour. You can make them in any size you want and would definitely make for a perfect snack.

Cheesy Noodles Cutlet

This easy to make and delicious snack, Cheesy noodles cutlet is another tempting recipe to consider for your Holi party menu. Serve it along with the tea and your guests would love it.

Chili Paneer

If you are an Indo-chinese lover, chili paneer would make for the perfect choice. Serve with noodles and you will definitely make people drool over its tempting flavors.

Chivda Namkeen

This scrumptious snack is loved by all due to its crunchy flavors and spices. A perfect morning snack to munch on, Chivda namkeen is everyone’s favorite.

Chole Chaat

Another popular North Indian cuisine, Chole Chaat would make your celebration even more fun with its authentic spicy taste and chutneys.

Churme ke laddoo

An authentic Rajasthani & Gujarati dish, Churme ke laddoo will make you fall in love with its taste right after the first bite. It is one of the best desserts in your party dessert list.

Coconut Laddoo

This sumptuous sweet dessert melts in the mouth right after you put it in the mouth. The coconut laddoo is the right choice of sweets to keep on your dessert list.

Custard Apple Rabdi

A sweet dish specifically prepared to mark the festive season, Custard apple rabdi will win hearts. The delectable taste of rabri combined with the exotic flavors of custard apple is all you need to jazz up your holi party menu.

Dahi Gujiya

A dish prepared using the unique combination of urad dal, tamarind, and curd, Dahi Gujiya would surprise many of your guests. Now that the holi is the season of Gujiya, let your guests indulge in tasting something unique like this dahi gujiya.

Dahi Papdi Chaat

This yummy snack made using cruncy base is now popular all over India as well as some countries as well. The sweet and spicy flavor makes for a perfect treat to present your guests.

Dahi Bhalla

Now that the Holi is just around the corner, why not go for delicacies that take a little time to prepare. Well, Dahi bhalla is one such delicacy that can be prepared with ease.

Dahi ke Kebab

A popular vegetarian snack, Dahi ke kebabs are widely known for their exotic flavors and rich taste. They are widely popular in cities like Lucknow & Delhi. So, make sure you go for this tasteful snack.

Dahi Puri

A highly famous dish from the state of Maharashtra, Dahi puri is a perfect pick for your party menu for Holi celebration. Your guests would love this simple yet sumptuous dish.

Dal Makhni

Who could have a party without having Dal makhni in the main course? This dish mainly belongs to the region of Punjab and grabs the top place in all menus irrespective of the celebrations.


Dhuska or Dhooska is a highly popular snack from Jharkhand. Prepared using chana dal, boiled potatoes, and rice, Dhuska is all what you need for a delicious feast.

Fried Rice

If you really enjoy eating Indo-Chinese delicacies, fried rice would definitely make for the best pick and would make a perfect combo with Manchurian.

Gaith Dal Fritters with Chutney

Soak gaith dal in water overnight. Mix season vegetables into the batter and you are good to go. Serve it with delectable varieties of chutney.

Gajar ki Kanji

Carrots are known for its nutritional benefits, which makes Gajar ki Kanji the healthiest beverage to have on your holi party menu other than thandai. It is undoubtedly the best refreshing drink.

Gond Ke laddoo

These wholesome sweet balls are tempting in taste as they are in looks. Rich in nutritional content, your guests would love the desi flavors of the authentic Indian sweets.

Gulab Jamun

Have you ever attended any event without seeing Gulab Jamun on the menu? We haven’t! So how could you miss having this sumptuous dessert on your celebration menu?

Gur ka Halwa

Jaggery is widely known for its supreme health benefits and has replace sugar in all major delicacies. So, why not present your guest with delicious yet healthy dessert?

Holi Cake

How about having a cake to mark the celebration of Holi? This rainbow cake will truly make your celebration the best and would help your guests indulge in tempting bites.

Honey Chili Potato

A go-to Indo-Chinese delicacies for most of the people, Honey chili potato is a popular Chinese delicacy that will satiate your taste buds with its sweet and spicy taste.

Indian Gulkand

An authentic Indian dessert, Indian Gulkand make you fall in love with it right after the first one. The soothing flavors and the refreshing aura of badam and gulkand will make your day.

Kadhai Paneer

An exotic delicacy rich in taste, Kadhai Paneer is good to have on your main course menu. Serve it with Indian bread of your choice and you are the best host already.

Kaddu ka Halwa

This Indian dish might surprise some but when you’ll taste it for the first time, you will never feel like stopping. Made of pumpkin, kaddu ka halwa makes for the perfect choice.

Kaju Barfi

One such Indian sweet that you can’t say no to, Kaju Barfi will truly bring smiles on the faces. The light sweet flavor of this sweet will make for a perfect welcoming sweet.


Kanji Vada

A refreshing beverage to serve to your guests at any occasion like wedding, sangeet, mehndi, or holi party, Kanji vada will be highly appreciated by your guests.

Kesar Phirni

Here is another interesting delicacy to help you enjoy the authentic Indian flavors. Trying this dessert will add a lot of excitement to your festive spirit and would make it the best dessert of the day.

Kesari Sandesh

The exotic combination of Kesar (saffron) and Sandesh, a Bengali sweet make this delicacy a worth trying. You should definitely consider having this tempting dish on your menu.

Kesar Makhana

A sumptuous dessert made with makhana and kesar (Saffron), Kesar Makhana is one such delicacy that your guests would love trying.

Kesar Malai Laddoo

Rich in taste and brilliance whoever came up with this unique recipe deserves applauds. Kesar Malai Ladoo will make you drool over its taste.

Kesar Malai Peda

Give your guests a festive treat with Kesar Malai Peda and let them enjoy the exotic flavor and richness of this dessert.

Kesar Malai Peda

Give your guests a festive treat with Kesar Malai Peda and let them enjoy the exotic flavor and richness of this dessert.

Kesariya Thandai

The more flavors of thandai, the more playful your Holi will be. Keeping this in mind, here we present you a chilling kesariya thandai. This beverage will truly rejuvenate your soul & mind.

Khasta Kachori

This deep fried popular Indian snack would uplift your celebration spirit and will help you have the best time of your life. Serve it with sweet and sour chutney for the tempting taste.

Lauki ka Halwa

Made from bottle guard, this delicious dessert is here to make you fall in love with its amazing flavors. Lauki ka halwa is all you need to serve your guests the best.

Lauki ki Kheer

This is another lip-smacking dessert that you must include to your celebration menu like Holi. Though the dish needs a little more preparation time, it makes for a perfect dessert to try on this festive season.

Lobia Kebabs

A less known but healthy delicacy, lobia kebabs will make your celebration even more important. You will love the tempting flavors as well as the nutrition it provides to your body.

Makhana Kheer

Made using roasted makhana, makhana kheer is truly a delight and would be highly appreciated by your guests. Thick and creamy in texture, you will surely love this dessert.

Makhana Namkeen

A wonderful snack to present your guests with, Makhana namkeen is all you need to woo your guests. Your guests would love the crunchiness and tempting flavors of this namkeen.

Malai Kofta

One of the most sought after dish among Indians in every parties, Malai Kofta would make your celebration a lot better.


An Indian version of Pancakes, Malpua is one such dish that can amaze you with its exotic flavors. Dipped in sweet sugar syrup, Malpua might be rich in calories but it is extremely rich in flavors.


Rich in chinese flavor, Manchurian would be a perfect delicacy to add to your menu. It is absolutely a perfect dish for Chinese lover.

Mango Basundi

If you are planning your wedding in summer, why not go for seasonal fruit to prepare the sweets? We suggest you to go for Mango Basundi as it is the best delicacy to have in your menu.

Mango Sandesh

A Bengali sweet with a little twist, Mango Sandesh is an amazing option to add to your list of sweets. This dish will definitely surprise your guests.

Mango Shrikhand

A traditional Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine, Mango Shrikhand will make you fall in love with its sumptuous flavors.

Mango Phirni

A very delightful dessert prepared using fresh mangoes; Mango Phirni would make for one of the best Holi dishes you have ever tried.

Masala Mathri

Crispy and flavorful, these Masala Mathri would make you dwell over its amazing flavors and exotic taste. Serve them in the morning snacks and you are good to go.

Matar Kulcha

Spicy, tangy and juicy in flavors, Matar Kulcha would make you drool over the exotic taste and would surprise you at every bite you take.  

Matar Paneer

An everyday recipe that never fails to make place in Indian menus, Matar paneer is simple yet delicious delicacy.

Mathura ke dubki aloo

A famous delicacy, Mathura ke dubki aloo is a dish that can make you crave for it again and again. This spicy recipe made using potato is a delight for your tongue.

Mawa Gujiya

These crispy and flaky desserts would make you drool over its amazing taste. A dish that mainly gets prepared during Holi, Mawa Gujiya is a must-have for your Holi celebrations.


The soothing flavor of fenugreek seeds in Methi-Mathri is here to amaze you at every bite you’ll take. Serve it with tempting dips and you are the best host already.


A sweet and tempting flavor of meethi mathi is all you need to serve your guests some good dry snacks. You can also pack these for your guests to take away.


A sweet and tempting flavor of meethi mathi is all you need to serve your guests some good dry snacks. You can also pack these for your guests to take away.

Moong dal kachori

One of the most loved Indian delicacies; moong dal kachori is a popular spicy dish prepared by deep frying them in the oil.

Moong dal halwa

This mouth-watering dessert would make you lick your fingers. Dipped in desi ghee, this halwa is one of the major go to dessert in all major celebrations.

Moong Dal Pakode

These crispy and crunchy pakodes will make your day with their tempting and finger-licking flavors. So, ask your caterer for some moong dal pakode and you are good to go.

Namak Pare

Your guests would love munching on this crunchy and crispy snack. All you need to do is to serve your guests with this delightful snack and let them enjoy.

Nariyal ki Barfi

One of my favorites, nariyal ki barfi is one of the most satiating sweets your guests can have at a Holi party.

Navratan Korma

This creamy vegetable curry is a perfect delight to serve your guests at your evening parties. They will definitely love indulging into these intricate flavors.


This tasty salted snack is perfect to serve with tea or coffee. These diamond shaped snack will become instant favorite among your guests.


Noodles can never go wrong and are always tempting in all the combinations and variations.

Paneer kheer

One of the most delicious Indian desserts, this is what is needed to set the right mood for Holi celebrations.


Holi celebrations will remain incomplete without a plateful of mouthwatering and irresistible panipuri.

Pav bhaji

Flavourful, soft and tangy Pav bhaji is another must for all types of Holi celebration menu.

Ragda Patties

This is a lip-smacking delicacy in which crisp, flavourful potato patties are topped with hot, succulent, yellow curry made of white peas.

Rajasthani Malai Kheer

This is a traditional sweet dish from the state of Rajasthan that has now become everybody’s favorite.

Rice Kheer

Filled with heartwarming aroma, this is one of the most important and basic forms of kheer that is a must for occasions like Holi.

Samosa Chaat

One of the most popular and mouthwatering snacks, in this dish, samosas are accompanied with thick, red, spicy chickpea curry and are generously layered with yogurts and tangy chutney.

Sevai ki kheer

Made with vermicelli and thickened milk, this is a very traditional Indian dessert that is both tasty and healthy.

Shahi Kesar Khoya Phirni 

This is an excellently rich dessert in which the phirni is given a royal touch by adding khoya and kesar.



As the name itself suggest, this is a royal dessert originated from the culinary heritage of Hyderabad and is very delectable.

Shakarkandi ki kheer

Another very popular Indian sweet dish, this kheer is made of sweet potato, milk, and sugar and is ideal for festive moods.


Made of hung curd and sugar, Shrikhand is nicely flavored with cardamom and saffron that gives it the alluring aroma.

Spicy Masala Kaaju

Both tasty and healthy, this acts as munching snacks in which cashews are nicely roasted in ghee and added with sufficient spices to be devoured by all.

Spring Rolls

These thin and crisp wrappers with a variety of delicious fillings are perfect appetizers for Holi Parties.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Hot, tender and scrumptious tandoori paneer tikka will serve as a great option for food lovers in the occasion of Holi.

Thandai Rasmalai

Holi is incomplete without thandai and what better way to serve guests other than this eternal sweet dish.

Thandai Kheer

Best way to cut the heat is to serve chilled and refreshing Thandai Kheer, which is just is a must for Holi.


Thandai Phirni

Both Thandai and Phirni are savored in their own spaces and adding the two elements to make one particular dessert can just prove to be a great choice for holi functions.

Thandai Rabdi

This is yet another popular fusion and a great way of serving thandai along with the goodness of rabdi.

Thandai Shahi Tukda

A dessert that takes us back to the times of the Mughal, thandai shahi tukda taste as good as its name suggests and is extremely rich and royal in taste.

Til Maawa Laddoo

A flavor to drool over, Til Maawa Laddoo comes filled with the richness of sesame seeds and melts in your mouth like a magic.


A sweet dish made using a boiled rice, Zarda is one of the highly popular dish among Muslims and is highly appreciated by all.

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