10 Mouth Watering Pan Asian Food to be included in the wedding menu!

Want to add more unique and unexpected items on your catering menu in Delhi? You may find your answer in Pan-Asian cuisine. Pan-Asia encompasses special dishes of different nationalities and cultures all over the Asian continent. It can include a wide variety of dishes from all over the continent; Chinese, Korean, South Indian, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Japanese specialities among others. Pan-Asian cuisine has an extensive variety of options of which most include superfoods. The cuisine emphasises on the use of fresh ingredients rather than processed ones, and the methods of cooking adopted such as grilling, steaming, stewing, fermenting and more, ensure that the flavour and nutrition value of the food are retained. Authentic pan-Asian food is one of the healthiest cuisines available today.

On a Pan-Asian menu, you’re likely to find a spicy curry dish from the South Indian countryside, a dish of pork, rice, and vegetables from Vietnam, and a traditional dish of Chinese rice and shrimp, all on the same menu to woo your guests.

With a mix of cultures, items and flavours, Pan-Asian Cuisine offers the opportunity to try great new things and experience an adventurous experience.

For those who want to adventure outside their usual comfort zones, Pan-Asian catering menus allow you and your guests to broaden your culinary horizons far beyond the usual and expected.

We have compiled up a list of the all-time favourite Pan-Asian dishes for you. Add these dishes to your catering menu in Delhi and indulge your guests in great taste and rich flavours. 


1. Chicken Dragon Roll

Chicken Dragon Rolls also known as Chinese rolls are a perfect combination of the finest of ingredients and savoury spices. It is packed with beautiful flavours. It is a Chinese delicacy that is made with fresh and crispy veggies, tender minced chicken mixed with tantalizing sauce and spices.Juicy Chicken is sauteed on high flame and rolled in pastry sheets and served with a sweet-hot red chilli sauce. This finger-licking snack can be a star appetizer at every party and event. It will definitely win many hearts!