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10 Indo Chinese Foods You Must Consider Wedding Buffet

Indo Chinese fusion delicacies are everyone’s favourite. These dishes have their charm, and the lip-smacking flavours are just the best. The spicy-chilli flavours these dishes offer will genuinely impress you. There are many flavoursome dishes that you can include in your wedding buffet to make it a perfect wedding feast for your guests.

If you are wondering what dishes we are talking about, here we are listing down some fantastic Indo Chinese foods:

Chilli chicken


A popular Indo-Chinese delicacy, Chili chicken, is everyone’s favourite and would top the list if you are planning for a non-vegetarian menu. A perfect inculcation of Indian vegetables and Chinese flavour, it makes for an ideal snack to serve in Indian or Punjabi weddings.


Indo Chinese Wedding Buffet Foods 1


Indo Chinese Wedding Buffet Foods 2





An incredibly delicious dish that best reflects the fusion of Indian and Chinese flavour, Manchurian brings a perfect taste to your palate. Best served with the fried rice, this dish is all you need to woo your guests with wonderful Indo-Chinese flavours.


Indo Chinese Wedding Buffet Foods 3


Indo Chinese Wedding Buffet Foods 2-1





Noodles are one such Chinese delicacy that has won the hearts all over the world and gets served in almost all famous food streets in India. There are many exotic flavours of noodles available to choose from, which include schezwan, chilli garlic, Hakka noodles, etc. You can serve it with different dips or sizzling-hot Manchurian.


Indo Chinese Wedding Buffet Foods 3

Fried Rice


Another popular delicacy on the list, an Indo-Chinese platter is incomplete without fried rice in it. You can get it prepared for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu as per the requirement. Your guests would love the dish for sure.


Spring Rolls


A perfect starter or snack to serve to the guests, spring rolls is all you need to bring ultimate taste to the platter. You can have them prepared as you want. The fillings can be made of veggies or noodles as well. Serve it with classic tomato and chilli sauce, and you are good to go.

Monchow Soup


An Indo-Chinese cuisine is incomplete without a monchow soup. This super healthy soup is all you need to keep yourself healthy yet enjoy the exotic flavours of the dish. Serve it hot, and your guests would love it.

Honey Chili Potato


A snack that is popular among both kids and adults, honey chilli potato is a go-to dish for everyone. The rich flavour of chilli and honey makes it an excellent pick for all your guests. These are also very easy to cook and just right to have on your child’s birthday menu.


Chili Paneer


Here is the dish for all paneer lovers! The crispiness of the veggies and soothing flavour of the paneer is all you need for a perfect Indo-Chinese flavour. Chili Paneer becomes an instant hit among guests.

Chili Mushroom


If the paneer is not your thing, you would surely love chilli mushroom. A perfect dish to have on your menu, this delicacy will win hearts. Chilli mushroom is an ideal snack to serve at all occasions.



A perfect alternative for those who love momos, dim sums are another hot favourite among Indo-Chinese lovers. Available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers, dimsums comes with many exciting fillings, and you can pick the one that best suits your taste.


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