10 Great Indian Rich Thalis you need to add to your wedding menu Right Now!

Of all the traditional feasts in India, a thali makes for the perfect assortment of delicious regional dishes on a single platter. The quintessential Indian thali is more like a cultural exploration and makes for a complete meal in itself. A typical Indian thali comprises a number of dishes and has a little bit of everything - from sides and snacks to mains and dessert, making it a wholesome experience. As diverse and distinctive as they are, all the Indian thalis serve local and seasonal delights and showcase different cooking techniques that make a particular regional cuisine unique. The wedding caterers in Delhi are encouraging regional food addition to the Indian wedding menu.

The best caterers in Delhi guide us with the best thali for wedding menus. Here are some of the great Indian thalis for weddings that are nothing less than a grand feast. Keep scrolling for deliciousness. 


Punjabi Wedding Thali 

Offering a rustic and earthy experience, you will find the Punjabi thali loaded with simple delicacies and heaps of homemade desi ghee or white butter. Known as the ‘Bread Basket of India’, the food of Punjab is lively and bursting with flavours that will keep you hooked. The signature delicacies include pindi chole, Amritsari aloo kulcha, dal makhani, pakoda kadhi, jeera rice, pickles of cauliflower, carrot and turnip, and a sweet lassi. Other signature dishes include Sarson ka saag and rajma chawal. The non-veg platter includes butter chicken and succulent Amritsari fish. It is, indeed, a wholesome meal that will guarantee foodgasm! 

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Rajasthani Wedding Thali 

“Padharo Mhare Des”, speaks of the warm Rajasthani hospitality. Rajasthani thalis personify the true dining experience. It revamps the whole traditional atmosphere by adding a tinge of royalty to it. Drenched in ghee, the traditional Rajasthani Thali is rich, colourful and regal just like its culture. A typical Rajasthani thali includes dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, rotis of bajra, jowar, makka or missi roti, panchmel dal, ker sangri, boondi chaas, pulao and papad. For dessert, there is gond ka ladoo, moong dal halwa or Imarti. All in all, it is a gastronomic delight and a great addition to the Indian wedding menu

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Kathiawadi Wedding Thali 

Kathiawadi thali is a vegetarian platter that comes from Kathiawar, a peninsula in Gujarat. Gujarati thali consists of only vegetarian dishes which is typically spicy along with a tinge of sweetness like Dal, Kadhi, two to three vegetable preparations like Rigna Palak nu Shaak (spinach in brinjal curry) , sev tamatar nu shaak (sweet-spicy tomato gravy)and kathiawadi dhokali nu shaak (wheat flour dumplings in spicy gravy), bharela ringan(stuffed eggplant), rotli (flatbread), bakhri (bread of pearl millet), tikhari (spicy, tangy curry), vaghareli khichdi (a mixture of rice, lentils and spices) and gajar mirch sambhaar (pickled carrots and capsicum) along with Khatta Dhokla, Chaas, Methi Thepla and Shrikhand.