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10 Fun Food Stall Ideas That Help You Create a Beautiful Culinary Spread for the Wedding Banquet

Weddings are all about dance, music, vibrant ambiance, and mouth-watering culinary delights besides the stunning looking couple. A simple wedding feast can be given a twist and transformed into a visual extravaganza for the guests. One of the ideas that have gained a lot of popularity these days is creating exotic and unique looking food stalls. Instead of just having the cuisines and dishes spread out on tables as in a buffet, spread them interestingly and excitingly on food stalls. The way food is presented adds a lot of visual appeal and curiosity among the guests who love checking out different counters and taste various tasty treats spread out in a beautiful style. Here, we bring you ten best food stall ideas that give you creative freedom for a mind-blowing culinary spread for the wedding banquet.


Incredible Looking Food Stall Options


Show the way

Usually, wedding banquets are huge and spread over a large area making it difficult for the guests to walk all over the area looking for culinary delights they would like to try. Make it a hassle-free experience by showing them the way to each food stall. Plot the journey with pointers across the venue. You can come up with posters or signboards that shall help the guests reaching the gourmet delights of their choice. 

Fun Food Stall Ideas 1


Verdant Inspiration

Come up with a garden-inspired food stall layout. Choose vibrantly colored flowers and a lot of greens covering the food stalls. Make it look more interesting with climbing vines, white picket fence, and wooden tables to hold platters of delectable food. The entire setup gives a woodsy feel and is perfect for outdoor or garden themed weddings.

Fun Food Stall Ideas 2


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Rustic Inspired Food Stalls

An amazing variety of beverages can be served with style and panache in a rustic-inspired food stall. The entire setup has whimsical connotations and looks completely authentic with bamboo shoots, straw, cut-out fonts, and more. The look can be further pronounced by adding earthenware here and there to give rustic, the village feel to the overall food stall look. 

Fun Food Stall Ideas 3


Chai Thela

Come up with a genuinely authentic-looking chai kathela or a tea stall which works well for pre-wedding or post-wedding ceremonies. This tea counter looks unique and distinctive from usually experienced tea service by liveried waiters. 

Fun Food Stall Ideas 4


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Keep Yourself Hydrated

If planning a summer wedding, you need to come up with quirky hydration centers here and there where cool cuppas of icy, sweet, and salty drinks are served with utmost style. Come up with interesting looking fruit water taps or the choicest range of mocktails that keep your guests hydrated. 

Fun Food Stall Ideas 5


Food on Wheels

Instead of having a stationary food stall, you can experiment with finger foods served on a car with wheels. It is a unique and quirky idea and works well in cocktail parties and other pre-wedding functions. Give an authentic look to the car on wheels with a truck front or a car front to add more authenticity. 

Oriental Counters

Go for a live counter when serving a variety of lip-smacking oriental cuisines. Vibrantly-coloured, dim sum steam boxes, chopsticks, east Asian fonts, bamboo mats and more can add to the look. Serve delectable sushi delights at a live oriental counter and make it the centre of attraction among the guests. 

Vintage Look

If you wish to recreate European cafes look, you can go with vintage counters that come with elaborate Decoupage designs, French look completed with miniature mirrors, candles, floral elements, small tables and chairs and more adding authenticity to this décor inspiration. Serve appetizers, salads and fresh fruits cut and sliced on lovely platters.

Meetha Ho Jaye

Wedding spread is incomplete without something sweet or meetha to round off the palate. Come up with a proper mithai stall or dukaan with traditional and contemporary sweet delights served in refrigerated counters. You can also serve paan shots that are quite ‘in’ these days. 

Dhaba Inspiration

If you are looking for something very different from the usual wedding spread, come up with dhaba inspiration, or a food truck, a farmer’s market, and more that looks straight from a village. Such themes lend desired authenticity to the food choices like sarsonkasaag, chhach, tawa chapattis, chole, kadhichawal, and other similar food choices. 

Go with any of these food stall ideas and make your wedding a memorable one for your guests. Get in touch with our wedding caterer Delhi today and come up with the best idea that suits your wedding menu. 


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